what is a backflow preventer

Backflow Preventers: Everything You Need to Know

Backflow preventers shut out the entry of contaminants from a non-potable source to the potable public drinking supply; either through back siphonage or back pressure. From firefighting applications to irrigation systems, these devices find great use in the most challenging fields. Backflow is a situation where the fluid flow reverses unexpectedly. So when the pressure …

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allegro blowers

Allegro Explosion Proof Blowers

Explosion-proof blowers are indispensable equipment designed for high-risk industrial workplaces where volatile gases and combustible particles pose a threat. They are widely used to maintain air quality, prevent ignition and safeguard personnel and equipment from potential catastrophic incidents. Professionals who rely on explosion-proof blowers include industrial engineers, facility managers and safety officers. Allegro Safety explosion-proof …

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5 Installation Tips For A Procon Rotary Vane Pump

Installing a Procon rotary vane pump is a necessary evil. Even though it can be a bit tricky, doing it right makes sure the pump components work well. A rotary vane pump finds wide applications in HVAC systems, laboratory equipment and industrial processes, thereby exposed to extreme pressure and temperature conditions. So, despite the challenges, …

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How to Install A Procon Pump?

Procon pump is a versatile rotary vane pump widely used in the food & beverage, medical and water treatment industries. It has a cylindrical casing with an eccentrically mounted rotor inside. The rotor has multiple vanes that slide in and out of slots as the former rotates to generate flow. Now, the installation of Procon pumps can …

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Enerpac hydraulic cylinders

Know-Hows of Enerpac Hydraulic Cylinders

Enerpac hydraulic cylinders help cranes and excavators to lift heavy objects by using a pressurised fluid. When fluid enters the cylinder, it exerts a force on the piston, which initiates its movement. Later, the rod transfers this motion for lifting or pushing actions. In addition, these hydraulic cylinders are useful in manufacturing machinery to exert …

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How to Read A Magnehelic Gauge?

A Magnehelic gauge can detect pressure differences in air and non-corrosive gases. It is widely used for measuring low differential pressures in ventilation systems, cleanrooms, air filters, and other HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) applications. Dwyer, a reputable manufacturer of differential pressure gauges offers a diverse range of Magnehelic gauges. These gauges measure both …

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How to Use Dwyer Manometers?

Dwyer manometers find great use in HVAC systems and gas valves to measure fluid pressure and flow rates. One of the reasons why manometers are highly valued is their exceptional precision. They play a crucial role in ensuring accurate readings in the pharmaceutical, aerospace, manufacturing and automotive industries. Their extensive catalogue includes handheld digital manometers, …

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oetiker clamps

Oetiker Clamps – A Complete Guide

Oetiker clamps are widely known for their dependable and semi-permanent clamping performance. They serve major commercial sectors such as oil & gas, hydraulic and automotive. A) Oetiker clamps for hoses & tubing: “Hose clamps are one of the most common & widely used connecting solutions – whether for your car’s hood, bike’s engine or the …

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