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oetiker clamps

Oetiker Clamps – A Complete Guide

Oetiker clamps are widely known for their dependable and semi-permanent clamping performance. They serve major commercial sectors such as oil & gas, hydraulic and automotive. A) Oetiker clamps for hoses & tubing: “Hose clamps are one of the most common & widely used connecting solutions – whether for your car’s hood, bike’s engine or the …

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SpeedClean HVAC Cleaning Solutions

SpeedClean Coil Cleaning Systems

Dirty HVAC systems use up to 30% more energy to cool or heat a space! Today, we’ll focus on how SpeedClean coil cleaning systems make the cleaning process simple and quick to do. Complications in HVAC Cleaning: When it comes to cleaning HVAC devices, one is faced with questions such as: (A) What is air …

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Macromatic TD-70222 Time Delay Relay

Macromatic TD-7 Series time delay relays are ideal for controlling events based on time. Using these high-performance Macromatic relays, you can select any time delay between 50 ms and 999 hours. The programming is done using pushbutton thumbwheels to choose any of the built-in time ranges. Macromatic TD-70222 is a single-function time delay relay featuring …

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Marathon Motors EQF56T17D2104FP Self-cooled Motor, 1/3 hp

Marathon EQF56T17D2104FP is a 3-phase, 1/3 hp self-cooled motor ideal for use in exhaust fans, direct and belt drive air handlers, and commercial fans and blowers. Product features: Heavy gauge steel DP enclosure Ball Bearings CE-approved & CSA-certified Supports reversible rotation Single speed Automatic overload protection Resilient base mounting Service factor: 1.3 Raptor Supplies is …

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Allen Bradley 1606-XLS240E Power Supply

The high-performance, ultra-slim Allen Bradley Bulletin 1606-XLS240E power supply is designed to meet most single- and three-phase application requirements, and accept a broad range of both AC & DC input voltages. It has built-in buffer modules to provide a short boost function, buffer load currents during faults, and to switch events. This cULus and cURus …

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Norgren 20AG-X8G/PH100 Pressure Regulator

Ported pressure regulator suitable for general-purpose and high-flow pneumatic applications. Features include: Port size: G1 Zinc alloy body Large diaphragm for quick and accurate response to changing line pressure and flow demands Balanced valve to reduce effects of variations in inlet pressure on outlet pressure Shock and vibration tested to EN 61373, Category 1, Class …

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Morse Drum Lifters from Raptor Supplies

Why are Morse Drum lifters an ideal buy?

Selecting the right drum lifter for your application can be daunting, especially when a plethora of options surround you. At the same time, you have to be sceptical courtesy of the risks associated with the safe handling of high-volume and heavy-weight industrial drums. However, as with all conceivably dangerous applications, risks associated with the handling …

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Food Grade Mixer – Kushlan 450DD UK

Need to mix coffee, tea, or flour ingredients? Kushlan offers an affordable / easy to use food grade drum mixer for both DIY and commercial use. Kushlan Products’ durable food grade mixers are sold in either FDA-approved polyethylene 450DD or stainless steel 550SS drum models. Products have high-quality construction to ensure a consistent and homogenised mix. …

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Aerosol Can Disposal System from Newstripe

Generating lots of empty aerosol cans from your industrial processes? Looking for an efficient aerosol can disposal system? We have the solution to safely process and dispose aerosol cans. Make money by selling your empty aerosol cans for scrap metal! Newstripe  is a leading manufacturer of reliable aerosol can disposal and recycling equipment. Their AeroVent aerosol can recycling …

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