Venturi Blower from Allegro Safety

Need to extract fumes or vapour from your industrial setting? Or provide cool air to workers or equipment located in a confined space? You need to think about getting a pneumatic venturi blower.

Allegro Safety produces quality safety products. Their products have been available for over thirty years. Allegro’s venturi style pneumatic air blowers keep work environments free from buildup of fumes or other gases. Choose from plastic or metal venturi blower models.

Which venturi blower to choose?  

Choosing between a metal and plastic venturi air blower? Metal models have air flows up to 8500 CFM depending upon the inlet pressure / air consumed by the blower. Metal blowers also tend be heavier (weight up to 19kg) and tend to be more difficult to carry around.

Want to go with a lighter version of up to 12kg? Also have lower air flow requirements of up to 4929 CFM? We recommend using a plastic venturi blower in this case. The plastic models also come with a handle for easy transport.

Allegro venturi blowers come with various connection (1/2″ or 1″ NPT), diameter (base, top of horn and bolt circle) or overall length options. Keep in mind that a longer horn length increases the product’s weight.

How do Venturi Blowers work?

A venturi blower uses compressed air or saturated steam as the power source. Small amounts of high pressure air comes out of the nozzle jets built into the base casting. Using the venturi principle, high velocity / pressure air is generated that forms a low pressure zone. This subsequently creates large volumes of ambient air through the base and out the horn of the blower.

Above all, these blowers are designed for air / steam lines of up to 140 psi. Allegro venturi blowers have several inlet ports and a handle for portability. Check out the product manual for air consumption at multiple inlet pressures to figure out which compressor size you need.

Venturi blower ducting options

Allegro offers a few ducting options, such as standard and statically conductive ducting. Both are available in lengths up to 7.62m  and meet ASTM 227. The statically conductive model has the benefit of being made of vinyl and anti-static polyester and is coated with neoprene.

Where can i buy Allegro Venturi Blowers?

Raptor Supplies is an official Allegro Industries distributor. As a result, we offer all their products to the UK, EU and the rest of EMEA. Raptor Supplies sells the Allegro venturi blower range to refineries, steel and marine clients, paper and pulp plants, manhole or other cooling applications. So take a look at their venturi blowers today!

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