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Allegro Explosion Proof Blowers

Explosion-proof blowers are indispensable equipment designed for high-risk industrial workplaces where volatile gases and combustible particles pose a threat. They are widely used to maintain air quality, prevent ignition and safeguard personnel and equipment from potential catastrophic incidents. Professionals who rely on explosion-proof blowers include industrial engineers, facility managers and safety officers.

Allegro Safety explosion-proof blowers prevent explosions in hazardous areas. They have glass-reinforced polyamide fans that are anti-static. This setup not only eliminates sparks & arcs but also cuts excessive heat that may ignite explosive substances in the surrounding air. Therefore, these devices are connected via explosion-proof sockets to keep people and property safe.

These Allegro blowers facilitate pairing with compact canisters for air suction. Moreover, they are equipped with retractable ducting that can handle extreme heat (up to 250 degrees F).

How to Choose the Right Explosion-Proof Blower?

Selecting the correct blower is crucial for safety. With numerous options available, it is important to consider a few key factors before making your decision:

Based on the Blower Type

Allegro Safety offers explosion-proof blowers in axial, inline and centrifugal variants. They manufacture both low-cost blowers capable of producing 900 CFM (Allegro 9513-05) and powerful mean machines that deliver air flow rates up to 6800 CFM (Allegro 9525-50EXE).

Blower TypeApplicationReasons to Choose
Axial Blowers
Ventilation and cooling in large spaces
(warehouses & manufacturing plants)
1. Efficient for moving large volumes of air
2. Suitable for low-pressure systems
Inline Blowers
Ducted ventilation systems
(HVAC & cleanrooms)
1. Compact design for installation within ducts
2. Capable of maintaining a steady airflow
3. Easy integration with existing ductwork
Centrifugal Blowers
High-pressure systems
(chemical processing & pneumatic conveying)
1. Ability to handle higher static pressures
2. Well-suited for long duct runs
3. Versatility in handling toxic vapours and fumes

Based on Airflow Requirement

Allegro produces explosion-proof blowers in metallic and plastic housing variants. Also, the brand understands that one size does not fit all uses. That is why, Allegro produces these blowers in 8, 12, 16 and 20-inch sizes.

AirflowMetallic BlowerPlastic Blower
< 2000 cfm9513-05 (8-inch)
9509-01 (12-inch)
9538 (8-inch)
9548 & 9539-12EX (12-inch)
2000 – 4000 cfm9515-01 (16-inch)9539-16EX & 9558 (16-inch)
4000 – 6000 cfm9515-50EX (16-inch)
9525-01 (20-inch)
> 6000 cfm9525-50EX & 9525-50EXE (20-inch)

If you do not know what your airflow requirements are, check this article (Calculate your Blower Size).

How is a Blower Attached to a Duct?

  1. First of all, position the blower unit with its outlet facing the duct opening.
  2. Secondly, align the blower outlet and the duct opening carefully.
  3. Then, use mounting brackets to secure the blower unit in place.
  4. Also, ensure that the mounting brackets align with the corresponding brackets on the duct.
  5. Lastly, insert and tighten fasteners (screws or clamps) through the holes.

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