About Raptor Supplies Limited

Raptor Supplies is a UK-based e-commerce firm. We have one simple goal, helping to fulfil customers’ unplanned and one-off needs of US industrial supplies, spares and consumables.

We offer primarily American brands that are not readily sold outside the US. While we offer a large and expanding online catalog of 650,000+ products, our customers can just as easily purchase offline via email, phone or a Purchase Order.

Besides our online catalog, we also have a dedicated procurement team that can supply virtually any US industrial supplies part or brand that you don’t find on the website but still need.

We support customers in the UK, EU, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia from our warehousing spaces just outside London in the UK and Charlotte, NC.  With super flexible shipping options and depending on the bulkiness and speed of the item required, can offer air freight / sea freight / FedEx, TNT, DHL / Ex-works pickup from either the UK or US.

Special documentation requests are also accommodated, including attested documents, certificates of conformity and certificates of origin.


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