Vestil pallets

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Vestil Pallets

Vestil pallets are an essential part of logistics and supply chain management. These platforms provide a firm base for transporting and storing goods. They come in various sizes, styles and weight capacities to accommodate different loads and requirements. Vestil offers options like standard pallets, stackable pallets, nestable pallets, rackable pallets and custom pallets. These models allow users to choose the best fit for their specific needs.

Which Vestil Pallets Meet My Load Requirements?

The first and most crucial question to address is your specific pallet requirements. Consider the type of products you will be transporting or storing. Also, the weight they will carry and the dimensions of your goods.

Different industries may have unique needs. For example, if your business falls under the logistics and shipping industries, then, you’d want the pallets to carry as much weight as possible. This way, you can transport more goods in one go and reduce the number of trips needed. If that’s the case, then you should check out Vestil PLPR Series pallets that can handle up to 13000 lb static loads and 3700 lb dynamic loads. 

However, if your organisation handles food & beverages, thereby making hygiene of utmost importance, then, the Vestil PLPS Series pallets (with an 8800 static load capacity) are a good choice. These pallets have a special deck with holes that allow liquids to drain and prevent the accumulation of potentially harmful substances.

Which Material Should I Choose For the Pallets?

TypeApplicationsReasons to Opt for
Aluminium Pallets1. Resistant to rust and corrosion
2. Easy loading with a 2 x 4-inch grid pattern
1. Lightweight, easy to handle
2. Sleek surface prevents abrasion
Galvanised Welded Wire PalletsWarehousing & storage, retailing displays and export & shipping yards1. Resistant to rust and corrosion
2. Easy loading with 2 x 4-inch grid pattern
Galvanised Steel PalletsOutdoor storage & transportation and automotive facilities1. Resistant to extreme temperatures
2. Easy access with 4-way entry
Plastic PalletsRetail and distribution centres1. Resistant to moisture and chemicals
2. Facilitate drainage in wet environments
Recycled Wood PalletsOne-time shipments & storage; crafting & DIY projects1. Biodegradable, renewable resource
2. Economical Choice

Do these Vestil Pallets Comply with Any National / International Standards?

When investing in pallets, it is crucial to adhere to industry requirements. This assures the safety of your goods and the seamless operation of your supply chain. Fortunately, these Vestil platforms follow the strict guidelines set by the US Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Choosing these pallets means you’re making a good business decision while also prioritising the safety of your staff and cargo.

How Will the Pallets Be Handled and Moved?

Use Vestil pallet jacks with a lifting capacity of 6000 lb to move pallets across a facility. They are also safe to operate and have electromagnetic disc brakes. These brakes have an automated dead-man feature that activates when the handle is released.

How to Take Apart a Pallet Without Breaking It?

  • To start, carefully assess areas on the pallet that appear slightly loose.
  • Also, use safety goggles, work gloves and some appropriate work clothing.
  • Position the pallet on the ground.
  • Then, slide a pry bar between the wood layers to target loose nails.
  • Next, gently move the pry bar back and forth to lift the wood piece and loosen it. 
  • Step back a few inches and repeat this process to further loosen the nail.
  • Strike the crowbar’s top with a hammer on the board’s tightly fastened parts.
  • Then, move to the middle of the slab and continue to loosen the nails.
  • After removing all the nails, slip the pry bar below as far as possible and raise the slat.
  • After flipping the slat over, extract the nails in the opposite direction with a hammer.

So, to recap, before investing in cargo pallets, make sure you are aware of your load capacity requirements, compatibility of your load type with the pallet material, pallet certifications and what accessories you need to operate them.

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