Food Grade Mixer – Kushlan 450DD UK

Need to mix coffee, tea, or flour ingredients? Kushlan offers an affordable / easy to use food grade drum mixer for both DIY and commercial use. Kushlan Products’ durable food-grade mixers are sold in either FDA-approved polyethylene 450DD or stainless steel 550SS drum models. Products have high-quality construction to ensure a consistent and homogenised mix. Kushlan …

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Baldor / Dodge 455377 6-5V10.30-E Sheave

Baldor / Dodge 455377 6-5V10.30-E Sheave

Baldor / Dodge 455377 6-5V10.30-E sheave is a bushing bore designed for the 5V belt pulley. This sheave transfers rotational motion between shafts using V-belts, providing efficient power transmission in various industrial applications. It features cast iron construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Hence, it finds applications in industrial machinery, such as conveyors, pumps and generators. …

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Condor 45J291 Shock Absorbing Lanyard Safety

Condor 45J291 shock-absorbing lanyard

Condor 45J291 shock-absorbing lanyard is ideal for absorbing the energy generated during a fall. It reduces the impact on the worker’s body and prevents serious injury. This fall arrestor attaches to the worker’s safety harness to an anchor point on a building or structure to stop the worker from free-falling while working at height. Moreover, …

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Ice Makers

Ice Makers: Redefining Your Cooling Experience

Ice makers play a crucial role in ensuring a constant supply of fresh ice for various applications, from chilling beverages to preserving perishable items. Also, in the fast-paced world of commercial kitchens, hotels and healthcare facilities, the need for a reliable and efficient ice maker is paramount. Moreover, ice makers are also known as ice …

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Squirrel Cage Fnas

Squirrel Cage Fans: A Comprehensive Guide

Squirrel cage fans, also known as squirrel cage blowers, provide efficient air circulation and ventilation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the inner workings of squirrel cage fans, explore their diverse applications and provide practical insights on maintenance and installation. Moreover, squirrel cage fans find widespread application in HVAC systems, industrial processes, electronics cooling …

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SANDPIPER 476.166.354 Repair Kit

Sandpiper 476.166.354 Repair Kit

This Sandpiper 476.166.354 repair kit includes replacement parts for Sandpiper double diaphragm pumps. It fits the 3/4-inch pump model. Moreover, it facilitates maintenance and repairs and also ensures optimal pump performance. Users can replace worn or damaged parts to extend the lifespan of their pumps. The kit provides a cost-effective solution for maintaining pump efficiency …

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Aeroquip 1A12DL8 Hose Fitting

Aeroquip 1A12DL8 Hose Fitting

Aeroquip 1A12DL8 hose fitting provides fluid transfer services in hydraulic or high-pressure systems. It is ideal for the transportation, agriculture, construction and marine industries. Features Grab amazing deals on Aeroquip 1A12DL8 Hose Fitting Now Aeroquip is a trusted brand that offers hose fittings. You can purchase their products from Raptor Supplies, an international MRO supplier that …

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Stanley 62-502 Screwdriver Set

Unleash the Power of Stanley 62-502 Screwdriver Set

In the demanding realm of industrial work, Stanley 62-502 screwdriver set emerges as an indispensable tool kit. This comprehensive set is perfect for tightening loose screws on furniture and assembling intricate electronics. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson, Stanley 62-502 ensures efficiency and accuracy, making it the go-to companion for tasks …

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Welding Table

Why Welding Tables?

Welding tables provide a flat and stable surface for welders to support welding pieces safely. They offer comfort by enabling standing or sitting during welding. These tables withstand high temperatures and support powerful machinery. Also, they prioritise welding ergonomics, featuring adjustable moving wheels for shop floor portability. These tables are electrically conductive. They allow grounding …

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