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  • Aerators

    Designed to reduce the flow rate of water passing through the faucet by dividing the flow into multiple tiny streams and diluting the water with air. Feature male / female threads and a maximum flow rate of 2.2 gpm

  • Bathroom Faucets

    ADA-compliant manual, sensor and metered bathroom faucets suitable for use in public restrooms and for drinking water applications. Feature brass construction and are available in different connection types

  • Faucet Accessories

    Shop quad rings for use with Zurn AquaSense and RetroFlush battery sensor flush valves to provide a complete and consistent flush. Filter screens, floor foot valves, coverplates, faucet set screws and pre-rinse hoses also available

  • Faucet Repair Parts

    Find NSF-certified faucet adapters with male x female connection for use in commercial restrooms. Replacement parts, such as spout nuts, washers, faucet handles, retainer screws and stops, cartridge assemblies and faucet nuts, also available

  • Kitchen Faucets

    Wall- and deck-mount kitchen faucets designed to provide an aerated water stream. Feature brass body, FNPT / NPSM connection and single or double lever / wrist blade handle

  • Laboratory Faucets

    High gooseneck laboratory faucets featuring a bent riser or swing type spout. Designed to accommodate glassware and lab equipment and offered in wall and deck mounting options


Flush Valves

  • Automatic Flush Valve Retrofit Kits

    Includes battery-operated automatic flush valve retrofit kits designed to convert your existing handle-operated toilets / urinals to automatic (or sensor-operated) models. Available in side or top mounting options with a sensor range of 6 - 44 inches

  • Automatic Flush Valves

    Provide hands-free automatic flushing mechanism to minimise the risk of cross-contamination in public restrooms. Feature high back-pressure vacuum breaker flush connection, pressure range of 20 - 100 psi and a battery life of up to 10 yrs

  • Bedpan Washers

    Bedpan washer retrofit kits containing 1-1/2 inch flush tubes, a high-pressure vacuum breaker, a vacuum breaker tube nut, a wall bracket, a support bracket and a fixture spud securing nut

  • Manual Flush Valves

    Intended to deliver a precise amount of water with every flush. Feature an ADA compliant handle with no-leak seal technology, chemical-resistant gaskets and seals, an integral vacuum breaker, vandal-resistant stop caps and a clog-resistant diaphragm

Sinks and Fountains

  • Bathroom Sinks

    Bathroom and lavatory sinks featuring oval, round or D-shaped bowls. Offered in vitreous China coating for extra durability, and available in different bowl depths and sizes

  • Drinking Fountain Parts

    Includes plastic poppet assemblies designed for use with Zurn AquaSpec faucets in public and commercial restrooms

  • Hand Sinks and Hand Wash Stations

    Includes stainless-steel replacement floor sink liners with a perforated removable dome strainer, a light-duty slotted grate and an internal pipe gasket seal. Can be attached with most floor sinks and feature push-fit connection for easy installation

Check Valves and Backflow Preventers

Shut-Off Valves

  • Ball Valves

    Ideal for application where tight shut-off is required; can also be used with gases, chemicals and slurries in plumbing, chemical processing, and food and beverage industries. Feature plastic or stainless steel body, EPDM or PTFE seal and seat and can withstand a maximum pressure of 250 psi WOG

Gas and Water Line Connectors

Pipe and Test Plugs and Accessories

Hose Bibs and Hydrants


Power Supplies

  • DC Power Supplies

    Includes 2 A hardwired power converters that can operate up to 8 ZESS sensors / solenoids, 8 sensor faucets, 8 pint urinal valves or 8 ZEMS sensors / actuators. Have an input voltage rating of 120 VAC

Hand Tools

Outdoor Equipment

Hoses and Sprinkler Systems


Replacement Parts

Zurn Industries, LLC offers a complete line of building drainage systems; plumbing products; water safety and control products; acid neutralisation cartridges; and grease, oil and sediment interceptors. The Zurn Plumbing Products catalogue includes a wide range of faucets, handwashing systems, fixtures, shower systems and hand dryers. Zurn faucets are ADA-compliant and suitable for all your bathroom, kitchen and laboratory applications. They feature brass construction with chrome finishing for corrosion resistance and are available in manual- and sensor-operated variants with options in deck and wall mounting. The company also offers a wide range of flush valves featuring a clog-resistant diaphragm, chemical-resistant gaskets and seals, and a lever handle with no-leak seal technology. These Zurn flush valves are compatible with various toilet and urinal fixtures and offered in a pressure range of 10 - 100 psi.
Choose from a broad range of these valves and other Zurn products, such as backflow preventers, drain strainers and bedpan washers, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.