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About Young Bros. Stamp Works

Young Bros Stamp Works, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality hand stamps and various identification tools since 1904. The company's product range includes steel stamps, brass stencils, steel hand stamp holders, marking kits, tag accessories and stencil sets. The Young Bros Steel Stamps catalogue includes a variety of hand-cut, machine-made, sharp face, round face, reverse-print and dot design stamps made of heat-treated carbon tool steel. While the reverse stamps create a raised and reversed impression in molds and forged dies, the round-shaped stamps, on the other hand, are used for creating low-stressed impressions. Young Bros Stamp Works also manufactures a complete line of marking kits comprising numbers, letters, special characters and a holder used for marking dates and characters with perfect alignment. Brass stencils from Young Bros have bold and clear characters in Gothic font style with perfect character alignment and are used to mark shipments and make signs and other identifications.