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Material Handling

Pallet Jacks and Accessories

  • Pallet Jacks

    Manually adjustable pallet trucks used for transporting, loading / unloading and stacking operations in the material handling industry. Feature a unique pump technology along with an easy-to-operate control system to provide safe transportation of loads up to 2200 lb

Yellow Jack-It is a leading manufacturer of adjustable pallet trucks used for transporting, order picking, loading, unloading and stacking operations in industries. Yellow Jack-It adjustable fork pallet jacks are the only pallet trucks with forks that can be adjusted manually (13 - 27 inches) without the use of any additional tools. Their easy-to-operate controlling system, with hand control for raise, neutral and lower positions, allows smooth locomotion, and their durable double seal design, along with unique pump technology, provides controlled descent speed for carrying loads up to 2200 lb. Choose from a wide range of these pallet jacks and related accessories, such as auxiliary rollers, axles, axle sleeves, baffles, bearings and jack stands available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Yellow Jack-It distributor.