About Wyco

Wyco Tool Company, a subsidiary of Badger Meter, is a leading manufacturer of concrete consolidation equipment used in construction sites and surface or underground mining operations. Its product catalogue comprises electric motor, gas-powered, hydraulic & pneumatic concrete vibrators; screed tools; square heads and 3-phase generators. These concrete consolidation tools are designed to remove entrapped air and reduce the volume of voids or air pockets from cement mixtures. The OSHA-approved concrete vibrators from Wyco use an eccentric weight within the vibrator head to create a high-intensity vibration force (max 11000 vpm) and come equipped with a field-replaceable connector port capable of driving any head & shaft combination. The brand also manufactures square heads designed for use with concrete vibrators to produce shock waves & drill holes into fresh concrete batches. Wyco square heads provide 27 percent more surface area in low-sump concrete as compared to round heads and are therefore capable of completing the consolidation job faster. These heads feature solid bar stock construction for eliminating flimsy threaded head caps and a unique orbit pattern to offer extra hardness & longer tool life. These Wyco products are available in different sizes on Raptor Supplies.