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Power Transmission

Speed Reducers

  • Bushings and Torque Arm Kits

    Includes bushings for all types of Winsmith speed reducers in various bore diameters and worm centre distances ranging from 2 to 3.50 inches

  • Mounting Base

    Top, bottom and top / bottom speed reducer mounting plates made of steel with WT / WB base. Used to provide precise alignment for close tolerance shafts of Winsmith speed reducers. Available in worm centre distances up to 3.50 inches

  • Speed Reducers and Gear Drives

    Right angle speed reducers featuring a max. input of 7.5 hp and nominal ratio of 100:1, ideal for use with conveyor belts and in power transmission systems. Filled with Mobil Glygoyle 460 for micro pitting protection. Available in C-Face, C-Face hollow output shaft & indirect drive variants

Winsmith, since 1901, has been manufacturing high-quality motion control and power transmission products for applications in food processing, material handling, pharmaceutical and mining industries. The Winsmith Gearbox catalogue includes speed reducers, conveyor drives, in-line speed reducers and gear drives. Winsmith right-angle speed reducers are designed to reduce input shaft power for achieving a controlled output speed (up to 345 rpm) and feature a free-fret motor connection for easy motor removal. These reducers are coated with a WinGuard 316 stainless-steel epoxy spray, which surpasses the ASTM B-117 1000-hour salt spray test. Choose from a wide range of quality Winsmith reducers and reducer parts, such as mounting plates and bushing kits, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Winsmith gearbox distributor.