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Hand Tools

Impact Sockets and Bits


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Westward Tools manufactures high-quality automotive specialty tools, pneumatic tools, shop equipment, material handling equipment and hand tools to withstand the daily rigors of industrial use. The Westward Tools catalogue incorporates wide a range of wrenches, tool boxes, pliers, cutters, snips, nut drivers, grease gun accessories, hook-and-loop sanding discs, hammers, screwdrivers, sockets, hand files and rasps, and rivets.
The lightweight and durable Westward tool boxes are made from high-grade plastic or steel for maximum impact-, rust- and water resistance. Not only are these tool boxes ideal for keeping your tools and hardware safe against damage, they also offer great portability. Westward Tools sliding hammer puller set is designed for pulling or removing stubborn oil seals, bearings, flange-type axles and bushings. It is offered in reversible, irreversible, 8 way and 10-way variants.