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Wesco Industrial Products designs and manufactures high-quality  drum handling, lifting and shipping equipment. Its extensive product catalogue includes hand trucks, stair climbing tools, lift tables, tilt carts, box trucks and drum lifters, dispensers, racks and dollies. Wesco hand trucks are available in manual, powered, convertible and stair climbing variants featuring a rugged aluminium / steel / iron construction for lifting up to 1800 lb load, including ceramic tiles, cement blocks and gas cylinders. To easily and safely lift, transport and dispense contents of heavy drums, Wesco offers manual and battery-operated drum lifters and dispensers in below-the-hook, sling and fork-mounted variants with a maximum load capacity of 3000 lb. Wesco also manufactures StairKing motorised stair climbing hand trucks to move loads up and down sloped surfaces or staircases. These hand trucks featuring lightweight alloy frame with all welded I-beam construction and positive ratchet mechanism with auto-rewind. Choose from a wide range of these equipment and related accessories in different dimensions and storage capacities on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Wesco distributors.

Appliance Hand Trucks
  • Appliance Hand Trucks
Aluminium- / steel-made hand trucks with a maximum load capacity of 1800 lb to lift / move large or heavy appliances easily and safely in garages and warehouses
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Cargo Bars and Hoops
  • Cargo Bars and Hoops
Includes decking beams, cargo bars and bar hoops to secure large loads or areas to prevent shifting. Available in aluminium and galvanised steel variants with a maximum load capacity of 3000 lb
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Convertible Hand Trucks
  • Convertible Hand Trucks
Steel- / aluminium-made convertible two-wheel hand trucks (convertible to four-wheel) ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads horizontally and vertically. Feature a continuous / dual handle and pneumatic wheels for easy movement
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Conveyor Lift Tables
  • Conveyor Lift Tables
Hydraulic lift tables with conveyor tops to lift and transport loads up to 2000 lb. Ideal for heavy-duty jobs in automotive, metalworking and food industries
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Cube Trucks
  • Cube Trucks
Plastic cube trucks to carry loads up to 600 lb (like mail, grains or trash). Feature pneumatic / polyurethane wheels for easy movement
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Curb Ramps
  • Curb Ramps
Lightweight and portable plastic ramps with a load capacity of 600 lb. Used for easy movement of wheeled equipment, such as dollies and hand trucks, up and down the curbs
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Desk Movers
  • Desk Movers
Adjustable pedestal adapters and bench movers to lift / move a desk or cabinet easily and safely. Feature four hard-rubber swivel casters for easy movement and a steel frame capable of lifting up to 600 lb load
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Die Handler Lift Tables
  • Die Handler Lift Tables
Mobile die carts used for transporting and separating dies in service and maintenance applications. Feature adjustable steel clamps for handling upper die set, and a floor lock for securing the table in place during loading / unloading
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Dock Lights
  • Dock Lights
Heavy-duty dock lights and fans to illuminate and ventilate loading / unloading areas. Feature a steel-made twin-strut steel foldable arm for long reach and easy storage
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  • Dollies
General-purpose wooden dollies used for moving heavy equipment, machinery or furniture in warehouses and garages. Have a maximum load capacity of 1200 lb
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Drum Accessories
  • Drum Accessories
Includes high-quality drum faucets, clamps, drip pans, adapters, gauges and other accessories to make drum handling safer, easier and hassle-free
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Products (29)
Drum Bung and Plug Wrenches
  • Drum Bung and Plug Wrenches
Aluminium / brass alloy and cast-iron drum plug wrenches to open / close industrial drums, and tighten faucets into drums. Feature an offset handle design to reduce stress and to minimise injury
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Drum Cradles and Tippers
  • Drum Cradles and Tippers
Plastic / steel drum cradles, tippers and racks with sturdy cross braces to lift, transport and dispense drums quickly and easily. Available in different dimensions and have a maximum load capacity of 2400 lb
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Drum Deheader
  • Drum Deheader
Heavy-duty drum deheaders used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries to remove the lid covers / seals of steel drums. Feature an ergonomic plastic hand-grip and a replaceable blade
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Drum Deheader Blades
  • Drum Deheader Blades
Hardened non-ferrous alloy and forged steel replacement blades designed for use with drum deheaders to remove drum lids and seals
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Drum Dollies
  • Drum Dollies
Aluminium, polypropylene and steel drum dollies used for transporting drums of up to 1000 lb capacity. Can be used with plastic, steel and fibre drums
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Drum Hand Trucks
  • Drum Hand Trucks
Used in storerooms, warehouses and garages to transport and dispense heavy drums easily and safely. Available in 2- and 4-wheel steel and aluminium variants with a maximum capacity of 1200 lb
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Drum Lifters and Dispensers
  • Drum Lifters and Dispensers
Manually-operated and motor-driven drum lifters and dispensers to lift, transport and dispense heavy drums. Available in different drum sizes and types with a maximum load capacity of 3000 lb
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Products (24)
Electric Pallet Jacks
  • Electric Pallet Jacks
Motor-driven and manually-operated pallet jacks to lift and move pallets in garages and warehouses. Available in 8, 12 and 24 V variants with a maximum load capacity of 4400 lb
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  • Eyebolts
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