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Weg is a leading manufacturer of general-purpose and industrial-grade motors and drives ideal for applications in the oil & gas, food & beverage, automotive and marine industries. The Weg Motors catalogue comprises AC / DC, close-coupled pump, induction, hazardous location, stationary power tool, three-phase & air compressor motors, in addition to manual motor switches and starters. Designed in compliance with EISA 2007 regulations & NEMA energy efficiency standards, these motors offer excellent reliability, high performance and longer service life. Weg explosion-proof motors are designed to provide complete thermal protection and are therefore suitable for use in hazardous locations. These electric motors feature a squirrel cage rotor design for providing constant speed regulation and Class F insulation capable of resisting winding temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius. To control the speed of AC induction motors without affecting electric consumption torque, impedance and magnetic flux, the brand's variable frequency drives are ideal for pumps, compressors and load-lifting machines. For applications requiring high inertia and short deceleration, the Optimal Braking facility of these Weg VFDs delivers the rated torque by handling a large amount of energy and without the use of additional resistors. Choose from a wide range of these motors and drives on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Weg distributor.

AC Motors
  • AC Motors
A wide range of 3-phase general-purpose / IEEE motors ideal for steel mills, petrochemical plants and paper mills. Available in both CW and CCW rotations with rpm up to 3600 and power ratings up to 450 hp
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Adjustable Frequency Drive Accessories
  • Adjustable Frequency Drive Accessories
Includes WEG CAN / PROFIBUS communication modules, HMI-02 and accessories such as remote keypad cables and HMI back covers for use in industrial automation. Available in cable lengths up to 7.5 meters & various mounting types
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Air Compressor Motors
  • Air Compressor Motors
A wide range of capacitor-equipped 230 V ODP motors ideal for driving air compressors with speeds up to 3600 rpm and power ratings ranging from 1 to 10 hp
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Auxiliary Contacts
  • Auxiliary Contacts
Includes 10 amp, 600 VAC / 440 VDC auxiliary contacts with side mountings. Available in normally open / close configurations
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Close-Coupled Pump Motors
  • Close-Coupled Pump Motors
Used to connect pump impellers directly to the motor shaft with power ratings up to 100 hp and an efficiency of 95%. Available in ODP / TENV enclosures and feature Class F insulation and NPT threaded terminal box
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Cooling Tower Motors
  • Cooling Tower Motors
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Motor Accessories
  • Motor Accessories
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Unit Bearing Motors
  • Unit Bearing Motors
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