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Machine Cutting Tools

  • Carbide Drill Bits

    Cost-effective jobber drills, carbide centres and twist drills made with XD technology for drilling holes ranging from 0.05 to 100 mm in diameter. Available in A, K10/20, TFL, TiN and XPL grade variants

  • Carbide End Mills

    Ball end, carbide end, square end and thread mills with DPL coating for increasing tool life and feed rate. Used with milling tools to drill, bore and cut gears, and produce slots with neck diameters ranging from 0.1 to 12 mm

  • Coolant Fed Drill Bits

    Durable 3 - 25 mm drill bits with XPL coating ideal for use in die making, automotive and energy industries. Can direct coolant from the tool to effectively reduce temperature of the operation and provide lubrication

  • Extra Long Drill Bits

    Solid carbide drill bits of flute length up to 485 mm optimal for deep drilling operations. Available in various lengths, point angles and shank diameters

  • Grooving Tools

    Includes external square shank holders with shank diameter up to 1 inch, ideal for profile turning and parting. Feature low head weight for improved chip evacuation

  • Jobber Length Drill Bits

    High-speed steel and solid carbide drill bits featuring a 140-degree point angle ideal for making precise holes. Features a TiNAl finish to withstand the harsh industrial environment

  • Spotting Drill Bits

    ISO- and ANSI-certified drill bits featuring carbide construction to start holes and accurately locate them. Available in 90 and 120 degree drill point options

  • Straight Flute Drill Bits

    Self-centring drill bits with solid carbide construction; ideal for drilling high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys and cast iron surfaces. Available in different lengths and shank diameters

  • Taps

    High-speed steel hand taps, with straight flutes, used in production machines where thread performance and high accuracy are required. Available in THL and TiN finish with shank diameters up to 6 mm

  • Thread Mills

    Includes carbide end mills, indexable milling cutters and thread mills designed for cutting both internal and external threads. Also, facilitate threading of thin-walled workpieces

Indexable Inserts

  • Milling Inserts

    Used to cut / shape some of the toughest industrial materials. Available in heptagonal, octagonal, parallelogram, rectangle, square, triangle, circle, diamond and rhombic shapes

  • Turning Inserts

    Turning / grooving / parting tools used as a cutting edge in face milling, turning or cutting operations. Feature MP / NRS / RP / FP chip breakers to prevent excessive accumulation of broken chips and crowd the workplace

Indexable Tools

  • Indexable Boring Bars

    Includes boring tools and indexable boring bars used to remove material from the surface and enlarge the inside diameter of a workpiece. Available with inserts in negative and positive basic shapes

  • Indexable Toolholders

    Includes indexable cutters to provide accurate positioning of inserts; used for die casting molds, cold forging dies and in various milling operations

Machine Tool Accessories

  • Toolholder Accessories

    Wide variety of clamps, clamp screws, screw fit adapters and Torx 9 screws designed for use with T14 Screw Fit tools

  • Toolholders

    Includes adapters, bushings, cartridges and tool holders used to store or carry industrial equipment. Available in different shapes and sizes  

Machining Supplies

  • Chucking Reamers

    Solid carbide and HSS reamers manufactured in accordance with DIN dimension standards. Available in 4-, 6- and 8-flute variants used for hole enlargement and burr removal

Milling Tools

  • Indexable End Mills

    ANSI-compliant drilling inserts, indexable face mills and spade drill inserts used for helical interpolation, ramping, slotting, face milling, and contour milling. Available in 6 and 6.299 inch cutting diameters


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Wide range of clamping wedges designed for use with different inserts to stop a workpiece with the help of an inclined plane

Since 1925, Walter Tools has been manufacturing high-quality precision and machining tools for applications in construction, automotive, energy and aviation industries. The Walter Tools catalogue includes drill bits, end mills, chucking reamers, grooving tools, tool holders and thread mils. The brand's Xtreme type jobber drill bits are designed in accordance with OSHA & ISO certifications and feature surface-treated construction, thereby ideal for creating holes in circular cross-sections with added hardness and wear resistance. These carbide drill bits are capable of providing better structural rigidity, as compared to high-speed steel, and have spiral flutes constructed with a higher flute angle to efficiently remove the chips. To enlarge an existing hole for accurate fastener installations, Walter chucking reamers allow easy mounting on drill presses, lathes and screw machines with the help of a straight or morse taper shank and feature a 45 degrees chamfer on the cutting edge to provide maximum precision, as the reamer enters the hole. Choose from a wide range of these reamers and other related brand products, like end mills, grooving tools, boring bars, tool holders and tool holder accessories on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Walter Tools distributor.