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Furniture Hospitality and Food Service

Food Service Tableware Bar and Buffet

  • Bar Accessories

    Mobile breath guards with flat / curved acrylic panel suitable for covering food-serving areas. Can be quickly folded for easy transportation

  • Chafers

    Includes Trimline II stainless-steel stackable chafers that come with a stand, a dome cover with ergonomic Kool Touch handle, a food pan, a dripless water pan and two built-in fuel holders

  • Coffee Decanters Airpots and Urns

    Sleek and stylish beverage servers with impact-resistant plastic base and a beverage holding capacity of up to 42 oz. Widely used for holding beverages in restaurants and commercial buildings

  • Flatware Dispensers

    Stainless- steel / plastic / nylon flatware cylinders for organising flatware at offices, restaurants or institutions using stainless-steel. Can also be used to store knives, spoons and forks. Four-compartment polyethylene cutlery holders also available

  • Food Service Trays

    Includes 14-, 16- and 18-inch food service trays made of polypropylene. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and offices

  • Food Station Accessories

    Includes high-quality polyester bags and stainless-steel overshelves, caster sets and plate rests that can be easily attached to the food stations for providing extra shelves and space

  • Food Stations

    Includes hot food tables and hot and cold portable food stations featuring a 1-piece thermoset well and a 480W / 525W / 700W / 800W element. Widely used for serving food in conferences and large corporate events

  • Kitchenware Tumblers Bowls and Shakers

    Includes a variety of Vollrath bowls and utility pans in different capacities and overall depths

  • Metal Scoops

    NSF certified heavy-duty scoops used for transferring and scooping food from large storage containers to smaller containers. Made from heavy duty stainless steel / aluminium with satin finish on the outside and mirror finish on the inside

Food Service Cookware and Preparation

  • Colanders and Strainers

    Used for draining cooking liquid from food items, straining foods such as pasta / rice and rinsing vegetables. Stainless steel / polyethylene / tin variants available in different handle lengths

  • Cookware

    Includes a wide range of Vollrath cookware, such as stock pots, fry pans, sauce pans, pan / pot covers and braising pots, in stainless steel and aluminium variants

  • Food Service Cutting Boards

    NSF-certified resin cutting boards designed for carving stations. Are easy to sanitise and dishwasher safe

  • Prep and Hold Utensils

    Includes a wide range of Vollrath tongs with nylon ends and black coated handles, and funnels in different diameters, capacities and overall heights

  • Steam Table Food Pan Accessories

    NSF certified steam table accessories such as adaptor bars, false bottoms and wire grates made of 300 stainless steel. Ideal for eliminating gaps to prevent steam loss and holding food above pan bottom for draining

  • Steam Table Food Pan Covers

    Stainless-steel hinged, solid dome, and Super Pan solid and slotted food pan covers used to keep food warm until it is ready for service. Feature a sturdy handle for easy lift off, and are safe for freezer storage and oven use

  • Steam Table Food Pans and Insets

    Stainless-steel utensils widely used in hotels and restaurants to keep food warm and fresh for servicing. Feature anti-jamming lugs, reinforced spout-shape corners, patented angled ramps and flattened edges, and have a maximum capacity of 28 quarts

  • Turners

    Nylon / stainless-steel turners with ergonomic handles for maximum comfort and sturdy grip. Widely used for turning and serving tortes, lasagne or other delicate food items

  • Whips Spatulas and Scrapers

    Includes a wide range of French whip, piano whip, scraper-shaped, spoon-shaped, plastic scraper and plastic spooned Vollrath spatulas in different colours and overall lengths

Food Service Appliances and Equipment

  • Can Openers

    NSF-certified manual can openers featuring high-grade steel blades with anti-bacterial coating. Offered in different lengths and widths

Food Service Storage and Transport

Lab Supplies


  • Beakers

    Stainless-steel bevelled beakers having a maximum capacity of 2000 ml. Available in different height and outside diameter options

  • Graduated Cylinders

    Includes stainless-steel Vollrath pitchers, beakers, pails and tumblers in different diameters and capacities

  • Laboratory Funnels

    Stainless-steel funnels featuring measurement markings and a hanging ring. Available in different diameters, capacities and heights

  • Laboratory Trays and Pans

    Includes a wide range of Vollrath trays and pans made from stainless steel, with smooth edges and eas- to-pour corners. Available in different dimensions and suitable for rugged use in kitchens

Lab Utensils

  • Laboratory Scoops Scrapers and Spoons

    Heavy-duty stainless-steel scoops ideal for scooping ice, sugar or other dry ingredients

  • Laboratory Tongs and Forceps

    NSF-certified and dishwasher-safe Kool-Touch pom tongs designed to handle delicate objects. Feature 20-gauge stainless-steel construction with an insulated coating and a maximum working temperature of 350 degrees F

Material Handling

Storage Bins and Containers


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes Vollrath food processor replacement parts like blades and pusher blocks. Other OEM replacement parts include drain adapter O-rings, high-limit thermostats and can opener blades/gears/cartridges

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Maintenance Tools

The Vollrath Company provides a comprehensive range of smallwares, countertop equipment, serving systems and components for applications in bars, restaurants, hotels and the catering industry. All Vollrath products have high temperature tolerance and feature ergonomic, Kool-Touch handles. The Vollrath stainless steel Kitchen Products catalogue comprises kitchenware, food stations, beakers, containers, measuring cups, turners and metal scoops. These products and accessories comply with UL, CSA, NSF, ETL and CE quality standards. Choose from a wide range of Vollrath pans, spatulas, strainers, tumblers, bowls and other kitchen essentials in different dimensions and stainless steel / aluminium variants on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Vollrath distributors.