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Victor Thermal Dynamics, a brand of ESAB, has been offering innovative advanced cutting, gas control and specialty welding solutions for applications in automotive, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, and fabrication industries. The company's product line includes plasma cutters, cutting torches, gas welding tips & cutting outfits, gas welder fittings, and flowmeter and gas regulators.
Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters are designed to cut precisely through a variety of electrically conductive materials (such as aluminium, brass, copper and steel) with the help of an accelerated stream of high-temperature plasma. They feature lightweight design for maximum portability and are available in different input voltage ratings (120 / 208 / 230 V), cutting capacities, and cable lengths. The company also offers heavy-duty straight cutting torches that can be used with all industrial fuel gases such as propane, natural gas, acetylene, hydrogen and propylene. These Victor cutting torches consist of two-wheel valves at the incoming end and a lever to cut through metals. Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand, offers these torches in different length and head angle variants.

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