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Material Handling

Dock Equipment

  • Designed to offer an easy press fit installation over the existing nut and threaded bolts. Feature molded black plastic construction with plastic hardware caps snapping over the top of anchor bolts and washers for weathering protection

  • Suitable for installations in schools, postal routes, hospitals, warehouses and delivery routes. Feature a textured non-skid surface for secure footing during ascent and descent. Can easily handle hand trucks and other wheeled equipment

  • Equipped with a manual hand crank winch to raise / lower the barricade arm. Feature a lock bar on the arm post to restrict the rotation of the arms and an electrical bumper-style safety stop circuit to sense obstructions

  • Fibre-reinforced rubber bumpers made from an amalgamation of nylon and polyester. Feature pre-drilled countersunk mounting holes for easy installation and a two-piece body design that comes fully assembled and ready for installation

  • Permanently attach to the face of docks and operated by placing the actuation handle into the pocket of the inner lip. Integrated with a hand pump, wall-mount brackets, cylinder, 15 feet of hydraulic line and oil

  • Aluminium / steel dock plates and boards designed to bridge the gap between a loading dock and trailer, and facilitate safe movement of pallet jacks, forklift trucks and hand trucks. Have a maximum load-holding capacity of 30000 lb and feature a non-skid tread plate and locking legs

  • 36 oz seals made from nylon reinforced vinyl facings for providing a superior tear strength as compared to Hypalon. Feature chemically sealed ends to prevent moisture infiltration. Mounted on and bonded to a heavy-duty wolmanized wood stock comprising a full height air escape tunnel

  • Help minimise noise levels and prevent the ingress of dust, fumes and smoke in load docks and external doorways. Made of fire-resistant materials to offer visual clarity without sacrificing the safety and deter UV rays under direct sunlight

  • Wide range of guard rail installation accessories, such as buffer end guards, end caps, flared end guards, guard rail mounting brackets and spring posts

  • Floor mounted, bolt-on or lift-out indoor / outdoor guard rails made of 304 stainless steel or galvanised steel. Used to protect personnel, equipment and infrastructure from fork trucks and vehicle damage. End caps and posts, rack guards and protectors, and other accessories are also available.

  • Facilitate installation on beams, otherwise obstructed by walls or other sturdy structures. Feature specially designed grooves for instant mounting without the additional requirement of straps or fasteners. Can install multiple units in a stacked configuration

  • Widely used in loading docks, garages and food processing facilities. Made of durable all-weather vinyl-coated polyster for resisting flammable hazards, mildew or UV rays. Provide air ventilation, sunlight and increased security

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) clearance bars featuring pre-installed eye hooks to hang the bar and provide structural rigidity. Require minimal maintenance and come in a bright finish for enhanced visibility

  • Wide range of solid steel door track guards, gantry and jib guards, rack protector extenders, triple elbow guards and pallet rack protector with bumpers to protect tracks of overhead doors from fork trucks, pallet trucks and other traffic. Come in a yellow powder-coat finish

  • Protect people from mezzanine drop offs and uneven walkways. Steel models feature Schedule 10 pipe construction while the aluminum units have a Schedule 40 body. Available in 0.625 - 46.25 inch overall height options

  • Suitable for providing visibility without compromising on security, and for preventing dust / fumes / smoke from entering the workplace. Made from fire-resistant and self-extinguishing vinyl and have high tensile strength and tear resistance

  • Made from rotationally molded cross-linked polyethylene capable of withstanding the harshest of wear and tear. Ideal for use in supermarkets, retail establishments and restaurants. Act as a visual separator, sound barrier and thermal separator

  • Used to prevent up-ending of semi-trailers when not connected to a tractor during loading and unloading operations. Feature heavy-duty steel construction with flush-type zerk fittings for lubricating the pre-installed ACME screws

  • Clear vinyl strips used to control noise, dust, fumes and smoke, as well as provide visual clarity in conveyor openings, craneway enclosures and traffic doors. Feature finished rounded edges to prevent cupping or curling and promote a tighter seal between the strips

  • Designed to facilitate easy one-person ramp positioning and transporting on loading docks. Pull the handle up to a vertical position to rotate and lock the wheels in downward position. Push the handle down to unlock and lift the wheels for servicing lower trailers

  • Heavy-duty corner protectors designed to provide manyfold protection in warehouses, offices, overhead door frames and tracks, or on any 90-degree corners. Include a hardware kit for installing the units onto any wall surface comfortably

Ladders Platforms and Scaffolding

  • Used to manoeuvre ladders side to side and workstation to workstation. Bolt-on adjustable mounting plate attached to the bottom step for rolling the unit into position to place the pin into the hitch point. Long handle for operator to maintain proper posture during use

  • Vestil slope ladders are designed as per OSHA ladder safety requirements to allow safe and easy access to high shelving units and are therefore suitable for use in storage areas and warehouses. These ladders are available in standard slope, rolling warehouse, Tip-N-Roll mobile, maintenance, portable and ESD-safe variants. Vestil rolling warehouse ladders feature a square tubing framework which can handle uniform loads up to 350 lb and all-directional caster wheels for better manoeuvrability. Selected models further come equipped with 30-inch-high removable hand railings to allow the unit to be conveniently stored. Choose from a wide variety of these Vestil heavy-duty ladders, available in grip-strut and perforated style steps on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

  • Step stands and work platforms used to reduce back fatigue and injury by providing an optimal working height to a worker in construction and building repair works. Platforms with handrails for extra safety also available

Material Lifts

  • Vestil hand winch lift trucks are specially designed for lifting material from shelves, moving office equipment and installing wall appliances. These compact trucks have durable steel and aluminium construction and feature two steel forks which can be raised / lowered to an optimal height for hassle-free loading / unloading. They are operated by a hand-crank winch that comprises a reversible handle and a hold-down device to secure the carriage during transportation, thereby ensuring operator's safety. Vestil lift trucks further come equipped with two rear and two front swivel casters for better manoeuvrability and a two-stage mast mechanism with a telescoping inner mast frame (on selected models) to provide different height ranges. Choose from a wide range of these portable lift trucks, available in standard and straddle designs on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Vestil distributor.

  • Heavy-duty foot- and hand-controlled lift tables and carts used to raise heavy materials / equipment at an optimal position for operator comfort and to reduce chances of injury. Feature swivel / rigid / locking wheels for easy movement

  • Vestil lift carts are designed for assembly operations and to lift and move heavy loads in warehouses and construction sites. These scissor lift carts feature a robust steel frame capable of withstanding loads up to 4000 lb and roll on two rigid & two swivel polyurethane casters for easy manoeuvrability. The brandís DC-powered hydraulic elevating carts feature an electric motor and a single scissor mechanism (which can be extended or retracted) to raise or lower the platform to an optimal height for loading / unloading. We also offer adjustable height post tables featuring a two-speed manual gear mechanism for easy moving of heavy loads while providing positive height adjustments. Some models feature a safety belly switch to activate an emergency reverse function for added safety. Raptor Supplies has a huge selection of Vestil scissor lift carts in air-hydraulic, DC-powered, linear-actuated and hydraulic-powered variants.

  • Manual and pneumatic steel frame scissor lift tables intended for lifting large workpieces or heavy equipment to convenient working heights. Have a maximum load-holding capacity of 12000 lb

  • Vestil pallet stackers are ideal for material handling applications, such as lifting and stacking heavy items in warehouses or on docks. These easy-to-use stackers feature a full-height push handle that offers easy steering and welded mesh guard for excellent visibility. Vestil manual hydraulic stackers are designed with two rigid and two swivel wheels for high manoeuvrability and an electric / hand winch with a steel cable mechanism for effortlessly lifting heavy loads. In absence of a power supply, Vestil DC-powered lift stackers are an ideal choice as they are capable of converting the electric-powered lift into a manual mode, using just a hand pump. Some models are equipped with extendable forks to easily lift items, with an additional 25 inch reach, in constrained spaces of distribution and shipping facilities. Choose from a wide variety of these hi-grade pallet stackers, available in different fork lengths and load capacities on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Vestil distributor.

  • Vestil turntables feature heavy-duty steel construction with an easy rotate design ideal for displaying, paint spraying, assembling and repairing units (max 6000 lb), without creating a mess. These manual- / powered-turntables come equipped with roller bearings which minimise unwanted motion while preventing delicate items on the turntable from being jostled. Vestil powered turntables have a standard side skirt to protect items against damage caused by rotations and an ON / OFF selector switch included in a 3 ft cord for supplying power to the unit. A wide range of related accessories, such as carousels, manual brakes, stainless steel rings and turret bearings are also available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.


Forklifts and Forklift Attachments

Storage Bins and Containers

Below The Hook Lifting Accessories

  • Below-the-hook attachments featuring a fully adjustable arm (capable of spreading up to 144 inches) and bale-type beam design to lift bar stocks safely

  • Drum clutchers designed for use with 30 and 55 gallon steel drums to transport to secondary containment or salvage drums with an overhead lifting chain or hoist. Feature an auto-latch mechanism for hands-free operation

 Since 1958, Vestil has been manufacturing quality material handling, ergonomic and safety equipment for applications in storage, marine, packaging and automobile industries. The extensive Vestil catalogue includes dock levellers, drum lifters, hoppers, platforms, scissor lift tables, rackings, ladders and scales. Vestil Pallet Masters / Servers are used as an alternative to forklifts and designed to eliminate the need for manual lifting or moving of both skids & pallets with / without an understructure. These pallet jacks feature a power traction drive option (PTDS-E) which includes a throttle controller and an auto emergency switch for reducing worker injury and fatigue. Vestil medium-duty 10-degree inclined arms are ideal for manual loading operations in warehouses, assembly stations and processing facilities, where items do not stay stationary. These cantilever racks have an open design for easy forklift accessibility and lips to prevent the load from falling off. They are highly durable and can be fully adjusted up and down throughout the length, thereby increasing the versatility. Choose from a wide range of these products and other related products, like aerosol can recycling equipment, air circulators, bin cabinets, dollies, caster wheels and hand trucks on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Vestil distributor.