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VESTIL Pallets

Pallets(33 Products)

VESTIL Ladder Safety Gate

Ladder Safety Gate(73 Products)

VESTIL Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes(87 Products)

VESTIL Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones(4 Products)

VESTIL Manual Chain Hoists

Manual Chain Hoists(44 Products)

VESTIL Stepladders

Stepladders(22 Products)

VESTIL Lever Chain Hoists

Lever Chain Hoists(46 Products)

VESTIL Rack Accessories

Rack Accessories(50 Products)

VESTIL Vehicle Stands

Vehicle Stands(32 Products)

VESTIL Task Chairs

Task Chairs(6 Products)

VESTIL Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks(65 Products)

VESTIL Step Stools

Step Stools(88 Products)

VESTIL Traffic Barricades

Traffic Barricades(19 Products)

VESTIL Fork Extensions

Fork Extensions(168 Products)

VESTIL Drum Accessories

Drum Accessories(83 Products)

VESTIL Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping(3 Products)

VESTIL Trailer Jacks

Trailer Jacks(7 Products)

VESTIL Drum Pumps

Drum Pumps(21 Products)

VESTIL Drum Deheader

Drum Deheader(15 Products)

VESTIL Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts(66 Products)

VESTIL Load Binders

Load Binders(2 Products)

VESTIL Manual Winches

Manual Winches(7 Products)

VESTIL Transport Drums

Transport Drums(19 Products)

VESTIL Wall Mount Jibs

Wall Mount Jibs(8 Products)

VESTIL Carton Staples

Carton Staples(4 Products)

VESTIL Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists(28 Products)

VESTIL Magnetic Pickups

Magnetic Pickups(24 Products)

VESTIL Trolleys

Trolleys(19 Products)

VESTIL Decking

Decking(9 Products)

VESTIL Fork Covers

Fork Covers(14 Products)

VESTIL Polybag Sealers

Polybag Sealers(3 Products)

VESTIL Drum Covers

Drum Covers(67 Products)

VESTIL Outdoor Trash Cans

Outdoor Trash Cans(20 Products)

VESTIL Box Lockers

Box Lockers(12 Products)

VESTIL Service Jacks

Service Jacks(5 Products)

VESTIL Cargo Bars and Hoops

Cargo Bars and Hoops(15 Products)

VESTIL Specialty Hand Trucks

Specialty Hand Trucks(17 Products)

Things To Consider

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted Vestil distributor, offers its complete range of products, such as loading dock equipment, packaging equipment, gantry & jib cranes, fork truck attachments, industrial ladders, protective barriers, drum handling equipment, storage solutions and welding tools. We can recommend suitable scissor lift tables, tilters, stackers, elevating lift carts and pallet trucks to raise, lower or tilt workloads in your manufacturing and warehouse facilities.


Vestil products tend to be bulky and are not suitable for courier delivery. Gantry cranes, hoists, steel hoppers, bollards, drum lifters and ladders from Vestil have high dimensional weight. Hence, these Vestil items are only suitable for air or sea freight.

About Vestil

Since 1958, Vestil has been manufacturing material handling, ergonomic and safety equipment for applications in the storage, marine, packaging and automobile industries. The extensive Vestil catalogue includes dock levellers, drum lifters, hoppers, platforms, scissor lift tables, racking, ladders and scales. Vestil Pallet Masters / Servers are used as an alternative to forklifts and are designed to eliminate the need for manual lifting or moving of both skids & pallets with / without an understructure. These pallet jacks feature a power traction drive (PTDS-E), which includes a throttle controller and an auto emergency switch for reducing worker injury and fatigue. Vestil medium duty 10 degree inclined arms are ideal for manual loading operations in warehouses, assembly stations and processing facilities, where items do not stay stationary. These cantilever racks have an open design for easy forklift accessibility and lips to prevent the load from falling off. They are highly durable and can be fully adjusted up and down throughout the length, thereby increasing their versatility. Choose from a wide range of the aforementioned products, as well as items like aerosol can recycling equipment, air circulators, bin cabinets, dollies, caster wheels and hand trucks, on Raptor Supplies.

Major Trade Names

Automatic Eagle Beak Lifters

Automatic Eagle Beak Lifters

Fork truck operators can easily secure, move & release drums via Vestil Automatic Eagle Beak drum lifters' time tested design, without having to leave their seats. The top lip of the drum must be strong enough to support the weight of the drum. These units are ideal for use with open and closed head...

(30 & 55 gallon) plastic, steel and fibre drums. They include safety restraint to secure the unit to the fork truck. These Vestil drum lifters meet OSHA 1910-178 requirements.



Vestil PRAIL carts are designed to safely and efficiently transport & store Vestil crowd control interlocking barriers. These units feature a removable hitch that can be mounted to either end of the cart. Vestil PRAIL carts have casters for easy manoeuvrability. They are available with built in fork...

pockets to allow the unit to be transferred and manoeuvred with the use of a fork truck.

Vestil Competitive Advantages

Specialty Liquid Coatings

Specialty Liquid Coatings

  • Steel-It: In applications requiring incidental food contact protection, polyurethane coating provides a cost effective alternative. This FDA approved coating can be used for mild washdown applications.
  • LINE-X Spray On Polyurea / Polyurethane Coating: Polyurea coatings have several applications in the automotive, construction, agricultural and military / defence industries. Polyurea is impact, abrasion & chemical resistant, including resistance from pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents and fertilisers.
  • ZRC Cold Galvanised Compound Coating: ZRC coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and protection in most washdown applications. The zinc rich finish is an acceptable substitute for hot dip galvanising and repairing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vestil DCT-2000 work with a 30 gallon drum?

Vestil offers an adapter for 30 gallon drums. Vestil FDC-30 will work with DCT-2000 hoist mounted drum carriers / rotators to accommodate 30 gallon drums.

Will Vestil MWP-SPIN work with Vestil MWP-550?

Yes, both Vestil MWP-550-DC & MWP-SPIN can work together.

What type of rubber are Vestil turntables made of?

Vestil TT-30-RTP turntables are made of 15% natural rubber, 18% synthetic rubber, 48% recycled rubber and 19% additives.

What type of I-beam is used on adjustable height steel gantry cranes?

W-beams are used on Vestil adjustable height steel gantry cranes.