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Vestil Manufacturing has been offering high-quality material handling equipment like jib and gantry cranes, industrial ladders, hoppers, pallet trucks, loading dock equipment, drum handling equipment, packaging equipment, storage equipment, carts and dollies, and protective barriers for more than 60 years. The ergonomically designed Vestil pallet jack is ideal for moving heavy pallet loads without using fork trucks in manufacturing and warehouse facilities. It requires only 75 lb of pulling force when loaded completely and can handle a maximum load of 5 tons. The Vestil Ladders catalogue incorporates a wide range of cross-over, mezzanine, rolling, spring-loaded, maintenance, folding step, extension and telescopic ladders used in a variety of residential, and industrial applications. Choose from a wide range of these Vestil products on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Vestil distributors.

  • Aerosol Can Recycling Equipment
Includes can puncturing systems suitable for use with aerosol cans to relieve the pressure and empty the contents into drums. Replacement filters also available
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  • Air Chain Hoists
Portable chain hoists capable of lifting loads up to 1000 lb. Can be used as workstations or production line hoists. Selected models come equipped with a chain container.
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Products (6)
  • Air Circulators
Industrial-grade fans featuring a totally enclosed motor and permanently lubricated bearings for delivering high-air flows (max 13500 cfm). Available in ceiling, floor, I-beam, pedestal & wall mounting options
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Products (16)
  • Air Curtains
Heavy-duty air curtains for use above industrial warehouse doors to prevent the loss of conditioned air. Comprise 20-gauge rigid steel cabinets with baked-epoxy powder coating to withstand harsh environments and SCR speed controller for reducing power consumption
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Products (7)
  • Anchor Bolts
Concrete bolts with an anchor design for hassle-free installation, and 1- / 2- / 3- / 4-inch-long sleeves to provide additional security
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Products (12)
  • Anchor Kits
24- and 31-piece anchor kits comprising anchors, washers, bolts and meshes ideal for installing racks, columns or machinery guards on concrete surfaces
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Products (4)
  • Anchor Screws
12-inch-long anchor screws featuring rugged construction suitable for providing a secure connection on asphalt surfaces
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Products (3)
  • Antifatigue Mats
Optional poly-clip connector kits for use with Vestil Add-A-Level work-platforms to allow the base units to be connected side to side
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Products (1)
  • Appliance Hand Trucks
Turn-handle and ratchet type hand trucks ideal for moving bulky appliances (max 1200 lb) on stairways, hills or uneven surfaces. Feature hard-rubber casters, with swivelling facility on selected models
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Products (6)
  • Audible Signaling Devices
Warning sirens designed to alert people about military or emergency situations and severe weather warnings
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  • Ball Transfer Tables
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  • Bar and Pipe Trucks
Products (19)
  • Barrier Grabs
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  • Bench and Floor Scales
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