Vermont Gage for gages and Metrology technical information. Plugs pins rings threads english & metric gages, gage sets & libraries, go nogo assemblies, trilocks taperlocks & masters, calibrations & certifications

Vermont Gage is a manufacturer of gage pins and sets since 1980. The company's product line includes pin gages, taper lock gages, plug gages, ring gages and thread ring gages. These gages are used to compare hole and slot dimensions during inspection. While the pin gages are used to measure hole sizes and calculate distances between holes, the ring gages are used as bore gages to measure external diameter of manufactured parts. Plug gages by Vermont Gage are cylindrical in shape and used to check tolerance of a hole, and thread gages are used to ensure the assembly of mating parts. These gages are available in a variety of thread sizes and types and can be custom made. All pin and ring gages and gage blocks offered by Vermont Gage are available at Raptor Supplies, an authorised Vermont Gage distributor.