Since 1934, Velvac has been providing high-quality automobile components ideal for applications in RVs, buses, fire trucks, ambulances and refuse & fleet vehicles. Its extensive catalogue includes air brake tubings, automotive mini circuit breakers, wires / cables, fork terminals, fittings, valves, filters, hoses and pneumatic cylinders. The brand offers highly reliable type III automotive circuit breakers made up of UL-rated 94VO thermoset plastic which is flame resistant and capable of withstanding a power supply of 30 VDC and 150 A. Velvac also offers hi-quality trailer cables with an outer black thermoplastic jacket which provides ease in installation and resistance against abrasion, road salts and oil. These durable cables feature colour-coded wires for easy identification and a soft-annealed stranded copper conductor that delivers excellent conductivity and high-flexibility. Choose from a wide range of these cables along with other company products, such as general terminal kits, related parts and accessories on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Velvac distributor.