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Vaughan Manufacturing offers a complete line of highly durable hammers, wrecking and pry bars, chisels, punches, pincers, hatchets and axes. The Vaughan Hammers catalogue comprises sledge hammers, ball pein hammers, framing hammers, dead blow hammers, soft face hammers and sledge hammers. Due their shock-absorbing qualities and quality handles made of fibreglass, hickory or steel, these American made hammers are an industry favourite of carpenters, engineers and blacksmiths. Choose from a broad range of these hammers and other Vaughan tools such as hand saws and nail pullers in different lengths and materials on Raptor Supplies.

  • Axes Hatchets Splitting Wedges
Heavy-duty wood chopping tools featuring a steel head and a hickory / steel handle. Available in different overall lengths, head weights and cutting-edge lengths
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Products (2)
  • Ball Pein Hammers
Ideal for striking cold chisels and is widely used by machinists in bending and shaping metals. Available in hickory and fibreglass handles and different lengths and head diameters
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Products (3)
  • Claw/Rip/Framing Hammers
Includes a wide range of claw, chipping and brick hammers in different face diameters, head lengths and materials
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Products (7)
  • Engineer/Drilling/Blacksmith Hammers
Include a wide range of Vaughan fiberglass hammers, hickory hammers and steel hammers in different lengths and head materials. Used in a variety of engineering, drilling and metalworking applications
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Products (8)
  • Hand Saws
Designed to make angled and curved cuts and to cut through drywall in confined spaces. Feature tri-edged teeth, a thick steel blade and a handle with interchangeable pistol / tube grip
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Products (5)
  • Interchangeable Tips/Heads
Include various interchangeable hammer tips, such as hard hammer and soft face hammer replacement heads, in a variety of colours, thread sizes and tip materials
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Products (24)
  • Mallets Dead Blow Hammers
A wide range of rawhide mallets, rubber mallets, plastic mallets and dead blow hammers used for minimising the damage caused to the striking surface. Available in different face diameters, materials and colours
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Products (12)
  • Nail Pullers Wrecking and Pry Bars
Includes Japanese-style nail pullers, chisel scrapers, ripping bars and rolling head pry bars in different lengths, widths and thicknesses
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Products (14)
  • Parts
Includes a variety of Vaughan hammer handles, including axe hammer handles, bell pein hammer handles and sledge hammer handles, in different overall lengths
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Products (18)
  • Picks Riveting/Chipping Hammers
Include different types of hammers (bricklayer / chipping / riveting), mattocks and picks in hickory, fibreglass and steel handle options. Available different lengths and head materials
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Products (13)
  • Sledges
Used for forging and riveting applications in the metalworking industry. Feature a forged steel head with rust-proof powder coat finish and a steel / hickory handle. Available in different handle designs, head lengths and face diameters
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Products (3)
  • Soft Face Split Head Hammers
Includes a wide range of soft face and split head hammers available in hickory and wood handles and in different head lengths and weights
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Products (7)