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Valley Craft is a leading manufacturer of material handling and storage products since 1953. Its product range includes mobile bin carts, bin cabinets, drum lifters and dispensers, worktables, storage cabinets, shop desks, instrument carts, rack accessories, and bin and box accessories. Valley Craft bin cabinets feature an all-welded steel construction and have utility bins with drawers to organise stored materials. The manual and motor-operated Valley Craft drum lifters and dispensers feature a horizontal and vertical drum locking system, ensuring easy lifting and dispensing of drum contents.
The company also manufactures rugged and versatile hand trucks, portable lifts, cart and truck lids, hydraulic drum handling devices and storage equipment. Valley Craft drum trucks provide safe and effective mobility of heavy drums. They can be used either horizontally or vertically for manual drum transportation and are also available with optional hand brakes for extra safety.

Appliance Hand Trucks
  • Appliance Hand Trucks
HVAC trucks with heavy-duty steel-frame ideal for handling and transporting large heating and cooling units. Have a 4-wheel design with pneumatic tyres and a load-holding capacity of 600 lb
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Belt Barrier and Post Accessories
  • Belt Barrier and Post Accessories
Steel-made universal post protectors used to protect the posts of existing racks from accidental denting and marring. Supplied with installation hardware
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Bin And Box Accessories
  • Bin And Box Accessories
Includes swivel casters of 6-inch diameter with required hardware for use with Pro Vault steel tool chests. Come in packs of 4
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Bin Cabinets
  • Bin Cabinets
Have an all-welded, 16-gauge steel construction and a 3-point high security locking handle. Available with different drawer shelving options
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Bin Dividers
  • Bin Dividers
8-, 12- and 16-compartment bin dividers used to store various small tools. Help increase and customise storage space
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Cabinet Accessories
  • Cabinet Accessories
Includes panels, butchers and cabinet shelves in different colours, sizes and load capacities. Used to optimise storage space in cabinets and increase their service life
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Cart and Truck Lids
  • Cart and Truck Lids
Modular A-frame bin carts with pegboards and louvered panels used to store and organise industrial tools and supplies. Made of heavy-duty solid steel for extra durability and have 2000 lb of maximum load capacity
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Caster Sockets Brackets and Floor Locks
  • Caster Sockets Brackets and Floor Locks
Includes heavy-duty floor locks to secure carts and caddies at a fixed position. Commonly used with modular A-frame carts and weld caddies
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Cylinder Hand Trucks
  • Cylinder Hand Trucks
Aluminium- / steel-frame trucks used to safely transport single or multiple gas cylinders; feature pneumatic / polyolefin wheels and have a maximum load capacity of 800 lb
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Die Handler Lift Tables
  • Die Handler Lift Tables
Steel-frame adjustable die carts of 1000 lb load capacity ideal for transporting and separating dies for repair and maintenance. Feature a floor lock and adjustable roller height
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Drawer Cabinet Accessories
  • Drawer Cabinet Accessories
Includes cabinet drawer kits made of heavy-duty steel; feature 18-inch-deep shelves for better storage space and have a maximum load capacity of 100 lb per drawer
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Drum Dollies
  • Drum Dollies
Used to handle over-pack drums with diameters ranging from 22 to 28 inches and have a maximum load capacity of 1000 lb
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Drum Hand Trucks
  • Drum Hand Trucks
Use to ensure safe and easy handling and transport of drums. Can handle drums with capacities ranging from 30 to 55 gallons. Available in 2-, 3- and 4-wheel models in steel and aluminium
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Drum Lifters and Dispensers
  • Drum Lifters and Dispensers
Includes steel-made manual- and motor-operated drum lifters, drum handlers and dispensers used to lift and dispense drum contents. Available in different drum sizes, types and capacities
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Dump Carts
  • Dump Carts
Green-coloured EZ carts used to carry and dispense items manually. Made of 16-gauge steel and have a maximum load capacity of 2000 lb
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Fork Mounted Drum Handling Equipment
  • Fork Mounted Drum Handling Equipment
Grabs, lifters and carriers having a maximum load-holding capacity of 2000 lb. Ideal for lifting and carrying steel and plastic drums
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ForkLift And Attachment Accessories
  • ForkLift And Attachment Accessories
Flat- and transmission-type forklift beak attachments, strap attachments and lifting beams with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1000 lb. Used in easy lifting and transportation of open- and closed-head drums
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General Purpose Hand Trucks
  • General Purpose Hand Trucks
Used to transport heavy engines, drums and industrial parts. Have mold-on wheels that roll smoothly and can handle loads up to 1000 lb
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Hand Truck Accessories
  • Hand Truck Accessories
Platform decks with a maximum load bearing capacity of 8000 lb. Used to provide a sturdy surface to transport heavy items
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Handles and Pulls
  • Handles and Pulls
Removable handles featuring 12-gauge steel construction with powder-coated finish. Available in 24- and 30-inch variants
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