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For over 20 years, UltraViolet Devices Inc (UVDI) has been designing and manufacturing ISO-certified air quality management systems for hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants and other residential and commercial buildings. The company manufactures a variety of ultraviolet fixtures for UV lamps to remove odours and gaseous contaminants and to improve the indoor air quality. These UVDI light fixtures feature stainless steel construction for durability and modular plug-in wiring and surface mounting for easy installation. The company also produces fixture accessories, such as mounting rails, hard wire modules, glass view port and safety switches. Choose from a wide range of these products on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the company.

  • Ultraviolet Fixture
Stainless-steel ultraviolet fixtures for UV lamps for germicidal irradiation of cooling coils in HVAC systems to improve system's efficiency and indoor air quality. Feature surface mounting and plug-in wiring for easy installation
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  • Ultraviolet Fixture Accessories
Includes high-quality mounting rails, hard wire modules, glass view port and safety switches for installing ultraviolet fixtures in hospitals, schools, offices or restaurants
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