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Uniweld Products is a leading manufacturer of UL- and OSHA-complaint welding, HVACR and plumbing products. Its product range includes gas welding tips and outfits, refrigeration access valves, soapstones, fuel cylinders, tungsten electrodes and tubing benders. In its wide range of welding accessories used of precision welding, Uniweld's soapstone is a workshop mainstay for laying out cut lines.
Choose from a broad range of these soapstones and other Uniweld products, such as metalworking fluids and gas hoses, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Uniweld distributors.

  • A/C Refrigeration Accessories
Includes tip nozzles, flush kits, blow guns, pump repair kits and other accessories for use with Uniweld refrigerators and air conditioning units
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Products (6)
  • Ball Valve Connection Adapters
Inline and panel mount ball valve adapters designed to reduce refrigerant loss by closing the valve before disconnecting from the system. Include 45-degree bendable adapters for easy access to confined areas
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Products (7)
  • Ball Valves
Inline and panel mount ball valves ideal for maintaining and controlling high-pressure liquid flow in industrial hydraulic systems. Feature a 360-degree rotating hose nut for easy access into confined spaces. Can be used with an existing hose as a control device
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Products (10)
  • Brazing Alloys
Bare / flux coated low-fuming bronze alloys used to braze or repair cast iron / steel castings. Feature superior wetting to ensure complete tinning
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Products (14)
  • Combustible Gas Detectors
Instantly detect non-combustible CFC and HCFC leaks as small as 20 ppm in industrial plants using an ultra-sensitive sensor
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Products (5)
  • Cutting Attachments
A-, H- and V-style cutting attachments featuring stainless steel ball-point valves with Teflon packing and forged brass head and body. Available in different length variants for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applicati
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Products (13)
  • Cutting Torches
Lightweight and compact cutting torches capable of cutting up to 12-inch thick metal plates. Feature heavy duty ribbed brass handle and stainless-steel ball point valves with Teflon packing for durability
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Products (80)
  • Cylinder Stands
Includes highly-durable cylinder trucks and carrying stands for safe, easy transportation and organisation of gas cylinders used in welding. Capable of holding tanks with volume up to 55 cubic feet
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Products (12)
  • Drain Openers
Includes Uniweld sludge maintenance kits, clog blasters, sludge suckers and blasters, and plug adapter kits. Designed to keep drain lines clog-free and to maintain water flow
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Products (8)
  • Flaring And Swaging Tools
Designed to quickly and firmly connect copper tubing without a fitting in refrigeration and HVAC systems. Flaring tool and swage punches also available
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Products (18)
  • Flexible Gas Hoses
High-quality welding hoses capable of withstanding up to 200 psi working pressure; ideal for safely transporting LP, acetylene and oxyacetylene gases. Available in 10 and 12.5 feet length variants
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Products (2)
  • Fuel Cylinders
Used to store oxygen, nitrogen, propane and acetylene gases for welding purposes. Have a maximum fuel capacity of 40 cubic feet and available in different dimensions
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Products (10)
  • Gas Cylinder Regulators
Used to detect leaks in AC systems; feature durable steel construction with polycarbonate lens and a T-handle for easy pressure adjustment
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Products (1)
  • Gas Welder Fittings
Includes adaptors, check valves, nipples, nuts, caps and other accessories for use with Uniweld welding torches. Available in different connection types and sizes
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Products (260)
  • Gas Welding Outfits
Includes heavy-duty Uniweld portable outfits for welding, heating, brazing and cutting metals. Feature an A-style tip mix portable hand cutting torch and oxy / acetylene regulators with gauges
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Products (88)
  • Gas Welding Tips
Includes high-quality Uniweld brazing tips, quick connect tip sets and screw connect soft flame tip sets for use with acetylene, propane, propylene and natural gases
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Products (385)
  • Heating and Cooling Tools
Refillable oil injectors that can be attached directly to the manifold low-side hose connection of the system to add oil. Feature anodised aluminium body and end caps with O-ring seals
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Products (2)
  • Machine Deburring Tools
Designed to quickly remove inside and outside burrs and sharp edges from tubing. Feature a removable end cap for storing replacement blades
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Products (3)
  • Manifold Gauge Set Accessories
Includes highly durable and flexible rubber gauge boots to protect gauges on manifolds and gas regulators from bumps and impacts
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Products (4)
  • Manifold Gauge Sets
Feature a high torque hair spring movement and a pulsation dampener to provide accurate readings for testing and recovery of refrigerators, AC units and HVAC systems. Available in 2-valve, 4-valve and digital manifold variants in different connection types and sizes
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Products (103)
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