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United Abrasives, in a joint venture with SAIT, offers a complete line of industrial grade bonded abrasives and related accessories. The United Abrasives catalog comprises flap discs and wheels, cutting and grinding wheels, carbide burs, wire brushes, metal-cutting carbide blades, and sanding sheets and belts. The highly durable Type 29 / 27 flap discs from United Abrasives are suitable for grinding, finishing, blending and deburring applications on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These flap discs are available in coarse, extra coarse, fine and medium grade variants featuring premium zirconium grains on cotton backing for durability and high-stock removal. They are offered in different diameters and grit sizes for aggressive cutting on irregular surfaces.
Choose from a wide range of these flap discs and other company products such as locking sanding discs and abrasive rolls on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised United Abrasives distributors.

  • Abrasive Cut-Off and Chop Wheels
Aluminium oxide / silicon carbide / zirconia alumina abrasive wheels suitable for cutting and grinding applications on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Available in rpm ratings up to 30558 and in different arbor hole sizes and wheel diameters
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  • Abrasive Rolls
Ideal for dry hand sanding of wooden, metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Includes fine / medium grade aluminium oxide abrasive rolls manufactured using J weight drill cloth backing
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  • Arbor and Mandrel Mount Sanding Discs
Designed to be mounted on a sanding machine or an angle grinder with the help of an arbor and backing pad / mandrel. Available in a variety of abrasive materials, grit sizes and disc diameters
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  • Carbide Burs
Double-cut cylindrical carbide burs suitable for chamfering, deburring and edge breaking applications on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as alloys. Have a maximum rpm rating of 22000 and are available in different cutter diameters and trade numbers
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  • Cup Brushes
Includes crimped wire cup brushes ideal for removing rust, paint or scale and for various polishing and deburring applications. Feature carbon steel fill, threaded arbor mounting and a maximum rpm rating of 9000
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  • Depressed Center Wheels
Designed for tough right-angle precision grinding applications on steel, aluminium and cast-iron surfaces. Offered in a variety of abrasive materials, grit sizes and grades
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  • Flap Discs
Includes Type 27 / 29 flap discs featuring a zirconia alumina / aluminium oxide as abrasive material and a maximum rpm rating of 13300. Available in different grades, disc diameters and grit sizes, and ideal for deburring, weld grinding, seam blending and rust removal
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  • Locking Sanding Discs
Includes Type 3 locking sanding discs featuring zirconia alumina or aluminium oxide as abrasive material and a maximum rpm rating of 25000. Widely used for removing textures and wallpaper residue, and sanding joint compound. Offered in 2- and 3-inch disc diameter options
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  • Mounted Flap Wheels
Feature aluminium oxide abrasive and can be locked onto shaft machines or straight grinders with the help of a retainer nut. Have a maximum rpm rating of 20000
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  • Unmounted Flap Wheels
Coated / non-woven flat wheels featuring an arbor hole to attach with powerful fixed-base tools such as bench grinders, pedestal grinders and die grinders
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