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Ty-rap, an ABB brand, offers an extensive line of innovatively designed cable ties and cable connectors. Cable ties, also known as wire ties, are used for holding electrical cables or wires together and are an electrical mainstay due to their ease of use and heavy tensile strength. The Ty-rap cable ties are offered in stainless steel, nylon and polyester. Also available in hook and loop types, these ties are widely used in applications that require resistance against extreme temperatures, flames, UV radiation or chemicals. The Ty-rap catalogue of products also includes lug compression connectors, cable clips, cable tie tools, mechanical connectors, wiring ducts and accessories. The company's connectors are UL and CSA certified and provide a reliable and snag-free connection. A wide range of these connectors is available in different lengths, sizes and material options on Raptor Supplies.

  • Cable Clips
Top entry / side entry / locking cable clips ideal for use with cable bundles of up to 1/4-inch diameter. Feature a flexible centre tang to easily remove or add cables and are mounted on a rubber-based closed cell foam adhesive. Cable tie mounting pads and detectable cable tie bases also available
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Products (14)
  • Cable Tie Tools
Plier-style hand tools designed for installation of stainless-steel cable ties. Apply tension and securely lock ties with the patented dual lock and cut off the band flush with the top surface of the buckle. Gun-style cable tie installation tools for use with nylon cable ties also available
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Products (8)
  • Cable Ties
Heavy-duty cable ties suitable for use with cable bundles up to 9 inches in diameter. Feature nylon construction for durability, and a flexible stainless-steel locking barb to secure cables and wires. Intermediate, identification, miniature, standard and detectable cable ties also available
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Products (104)
  • Hook and Loop Cable Ties
Reusable hook-and-loop buckle ties ideal for applications where cables or wires are frequently added or removed. Feature black polyamide construction, tensile strength up to 50 lb and maximum operating temperature of 220 degrees F. Also includes mountable and wrap hook-and-loop cable ties
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Products (10)
  • Lug Compression Connectors
1- / 2-hole lug compression connectors designed to create a connection between devices and electrical cables to allow uninterrupted passage of electric current. Made from copper or aluminium and are available in straight and angled barrel variants
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Products (26)
  • Mechanical Connectors
Hex / slotted head multi-tap connectors designed to make quick tap connections, terminations, and in-line splices; suitable for use with copper, aluminium and copper-clad aluminium conductors. Splice connectors also available
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Products (24)
  • Motor Lead Disconnect Accessories
Includes UL-listed motor disconnect boots designed to keep the assembly for tight motor housings small. Made from thermoplastic elastomer and can accommodate wires of sizes 16 AWG - 10 AWG
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Products (4)
  • Motor Lead Disconnects
Quick-connect, snap-together electrical disconnects designed to provide fast and reliable motor changeouts. Feature tin-plated copper construction and male / female conductors, and do not require nuts, bolts or insulating tape
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Products (34)
  • Strut Channel Accessories
Includes channel angler pipe clamps designed for use with EMT, IMC, rigid and standard pipes. Feature steel construction for durability, one-piece design for easy handling and storage, and integrated rolled threading for excellent load performance
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Products (6)
  • Wire Disconnects
2- / 3-port ballast disconnects featuring tin-plated brass oversized electrical contacts, polycarbonate insulation and fool-proof design. Come with 2 male / 2 female connectors, and can operate at temperatures up to 221 degrees F. Vinyl male disconnects also available
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Products (6)
  • Wiring Duct
Flame-retardant wiring ducts designed to separate and organise wires to protect them against any damage. Feature PVC construction and screw mounting style. Wiring duct covers and universal mounting clips also available
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Products (3)