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Trim-Lok is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality extruded plastic and rubber trims and seals for applications in the manufacturing industry, off-road vehicles and fitness equipment parts. The Trim-Lok catalogue comprises rubber seals, edge trims and seals, locking gaskets and keys, hand tool kits and related accessories. To eliminate sound or vibration in sound enclosures and heavy machinery or to protect them from contaminants or weather, Trim-Lok rubber seals are used. These seals are adhesive-backed, which makes their installation easy. Trim-Lok edge trims, on the other hand, are designed to cover rough edges and work efficiently in extreme weather and temperatures. Choose from a wide range of these products on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Trim-Lok distributors.

Foam Rubber Seals
  • Foam Rubber Seals
Easy-to-install adhesive-backed seals made from durable EPDM foam rubber to provide protection against weather or to reduce noise / vibration in a machine or an equipment
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General Hand Tool Kits
  • General Hand Tool Kits
General hand tool kits for safe and easy installation of locking gaskets on windows or glass surfaces. Include a gasket splay bar and a locking key puller with a storage pouch
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Rubber Edge Trim Seals
  • Rubber Edge Trim Seals
EPDM rubber and vinyl (PVC) made seals for use with different types of edge trims to cover rough edges. Provide protection to doors, machines and equipment against harsh weather and high temperatures
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Rubber Locking Gasket Keys
  • Rubber Locking Gasket Keys
Used with rubber locking gaskets to place a secure and snug seal between a glass / window and the body panel to provide protection against temperature and external elements
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Rubber Locking Gaskets
  • Rubber Locking Gaskets
Used in commercial and industrial buildings between a body panel and a window to place a secure seal. Offer protection from high heat and harsh weather
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Vinyl Edge Trim
  • Vinyl Edge Trim
Used to cover rough edges for safety or decorative purposes in commercial and industrial environments. Available in single and dual gripping finger variants in up to 100 ft length
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