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For more than 50 years, Torque Transmission has been delivering custom power transmission components. The brand's extensive product line includes thrust bearings, timing belt pulleys, right angle gearboxes, speed reducers and roller chain sprockets. These motion control components are used in industries, such as food processing, medical, automotive, printing, manufacturing and more. Torque Transmission's thrust bearings are designed to separate a rotating surface from a non-rotating one. They can be used for supporting a rotary table, absorbing excessive thrust (of a boat's or aeroplane's propeller) and neutralising friction. They incorporate self-lubricating nylon, combined with hardened steel and high-grade balls to reduce friction and eliminate squeaks during rotation. They also feature a retainer that holds the ball in moulded pockets for smooth and quiet operation.
We supply and deliver to more than 60 countries, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. You can either reach us via phone, live chat, WhatsApp or submit the form on this page to get the equivalent part you need today!

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