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Electronic Digital Indicators

Suitable for measuring linear distances in data collection and statistical process control systems. Feature a large digital display for delivering readings with 0.00005 In / 0.001 mm & 0.005 In / 0.001 mm resolution

Height Gauges

Wide range of ball tip probe inserts, height gauges, battery packs, probe fixing arms & insert holders, insert sets, printer paper rolls, depth gauges, calibration blocks, lithium batteries and battery chargers

Height Transfer/squareness Gauge
Item: AF6TWY
Model: 599-585-1
$735.54 /unit
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Lithium Battery For AF6TXG
Item: AF6TXN
Model: 99-1011-530
$61.93 /unit
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Ball Tip Probe 3mm Diameter
Item: AF6TXF
Model: 599-1011-223
$269.84 /unit
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Barrel-shaped Probe Insert 2.2mm Diameter
Item: AF6TXE
Model: 599-1011-206
$332.79 /unit
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Printer Paper Rolls For AF6TWG 5 Rolls
Item: AF6TXD
Model: 599-1011-15
$68.14 /unit
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Holder For M1.4 And M2.5 Thread Probes
Item: AF6TXC
Model: 599-1011-212
$165.00 /unit
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Small Probe Insert 2mm
Item: AF6TXB
Model: 599-1011-211
$110.84 /unit
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Ig-13 Probe Set For Micro-hite 2 Pc
Item: AF6TWU
Model: 599-1011-230
$2,704.29 /unit
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Probe Insert Set For Micro/-hite 9pc
Item: AF6TWR
Model: 07.60175
$1,449.21 /unit
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Access. Set For Micro/-hite 19pc
Item: AF6TWP
Model: 07.60148
$5,478.21 /unit
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Standard Probe Insert Holder
Item: AF6TWN
Model: 07.60143
$416.63 /unit
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Battery Pack For Micro-hite Models
Item: AF6TWM
Model: 00760141
$450.80 /unit
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Probe Fixing Arm
Item: AF6TWL
Model: 599-1011-203
$483.06 /unit
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Rechargeable Battery Pack
Item: AF6TWF
Model: 00760157
$117.06 /unit
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Precision Measuring Accessories

Includes wireless probes & battery chargers suitable for precision measuring applications. Selected models feature a TWIN-STATION receiver for connecting, communicating & synchronising with up to 8 wireless probes simultaneously

Battery Charger Wireless
Item: AH6HRY
Model: 04760096
$103.93 /unit
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Surface Testers

Surface Roughness Tester Portable
Item: AC7MBV
Model: 06930013
$3,862.50 /unit
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About the Brand

TESA, a Brown & Sharpe brand, manufactures precision measuring instruments for the aerospace, mechanical, medical, micromechanical and automotive industries. The brand's catalogue comprises calipers, dial gauges, micrometers, inductive probes and lever-type dial test indicators. TESA ball tip probe inserts are used with height gauges for measuring heights of workpieces in research & development, and manufacturing applications. These probe inserts feature hard metal construction with tungsten carbide ball tip for wear minimisation and retaining shape over repeated use, ensuring accurate results & error minimisation. Choose from a wide range of the aforementioned products, along with surface roughness testers and height gauges, on Raptor Supplies.