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Strong Hold is a global manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial storage products for warehouse, pharmaceutical, financial and educational applications. The Strong Hold Product catalogue includes cabinet benches, workbenches, shelving units, service counters, wardrobe lockers, box lockers, flammable cabinets, storage cabinets and bin cabinets. The brand’s combination storage cabinets feature adjustable 14-gauge shelves, with up to 272 kg load bearing capacity per shelf, and a 3-point locking system with a standard padlock. These Strong Hold cabinets are suitable for all types of industrial environments as they are manufactured with high-strength steel and powder coated for durability. The brand’s ergonomic workbenches feature 7- and 12-gauge steel top and bottom shelves, respectively. Each drawer has a load bearing capacity of 181 kg and can be secured using a standard padlock. Choose from an extensive range of service counters, wardrobe lockers, shelving and bin cabinets on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Strong Hold distributor.

Bin Cabinets
  • Bin Cabinets
Fully welded steel / SS cabinets featuring polypropylene yellow bins (110 - 184) with a hopper front to accommodate label holders and a 3-point locking system with a padlock for locking the doors
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Box Lockers
  • Box Lockers
Assembled wardrobe lockers made from 12-gauge hot-rolled steel to withstand tough environments. Feature 2 shelves on each box locker with a 775 lb load rating and 6-inch high, 7-gauge legs for easy portability using forklifts or pallet jacks
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Cabinet Benches
  • Cabinet Benches
Multi-functional workbenches designed for providing a durable working surface for assembling parts and storage units with full-width adjustable shelves to store tools or valuable equipment (max 1650 lb). Selected models come equipped with bi-fold doors and caster wheels
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Ergonomic Workbenches
  • Ergonomic Workbenches
Includes industrial-grade shop tables featuring a butcher-block maple top for easy resurfacing and four lockable, large drawers capable of bearing loads up to 730 lb
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Service Counters
  • Service Counters
Ideal for use in areas where overhead space is not available, such as tool cribs, assembly lines and mailrooms. Contain 12-gauge shelves with a maximum load rating of 1900 lb and 6-inch drawers (available in selected models)
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  • Shelving
Open-shelving steel units for storage and display of small parts or packaged merchandise in repair shops and tool rooms. Feature adjustable shelves with a maximum 2-inch increment capacity and side- and back-cross braces (on some models) to provide extra stability
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Storage Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinets
Combination, countertop, janitorial and wardrobe storage cabinets with 14-gauge shelves (capable of holding loads up to 1900 lb) and 7-gauge welded legs (to provide mobility in lifting). Available in clearview, standard, roll-up and ventilated door options
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Wardrobe Lockers
  • Wardrobe Lockers
One- and two-tier multi-compartment lockers suitable for use in schools, health spas and gyms. Feature louvered / solid doors with a three-point locking system and skid-proof legs on models more than 6-ft wide
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  • Workbenches
Butcher-block maple- / steel-top workbenches featuring adjustable / straight / panel-style legs for easy portability using forklifts or pallet jacks and an open bottom-shelf to store large objects. Available in baked enamel, powder-coat and water-based enamel paint finish variants
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