Straub, a division of Westflex, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of pipe couplings. The Straub Couplings catalogue includes stainless-steel grip-L couplings and open-flex wrap-around couplings in different pipe sizes and lengths. Straub pipe couplings are designed for handling pipe misalignments and vibrations, and extensively used in shipbuilding, wastewater treatment and construction industries. These flexible and lightweight couplings come fully assembled and can be easily installed without using any special tools. Straub grip-L couplings are designed for use with lighter pipes and in low-pressure applications, whereas the Straub open-flex couplings can be used to join pipes of different materials, such as steel, galvanised, stainless steel, PVC and copper pipes. These couplings are available in diameters ranging from 1 to 120 inches to fit pipes of different sizes and ensure a tight and leak-proof seal.

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    Lightweight and fully assembled grip-L and open-flex wrap-around couplings in diameters ranging from 1 to 120 inches. Have a 316 stainless-steel construction and effective in providing a leak-proof seal