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Steinel is a leading manufacturer of high-quality professional heat tools and lighting controls. The company's product line includes a variety of heat guns, heat blowers, gas torches, hot-melt adhesive systems, wall switches, sensors, presence detectors and power packs. Steinel heat guns are ideal for plastic welding, thermoplastic shaping, shrink tubing or paint stripping. These 120 V professional heat guns have a working temperature range of 80 - 1250 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum air volume of 23 CFM. An extensive range of heat guns and related accessories, including heating elements, power cords, spreader nozzles and temperature indicators, is available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

  • Heat Gun Accessories
Includes a wide range of nozzles to concentrate or widen the flow of heated air. Replacement parts, such as heating elements, motor fan assemblies, temperature indicators, power cords, switches and wire protection tubes, also available
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  • Heat Guns
Suitable for shrink tubing, plastic welding, thermoplastic shaping and paint stripping. Have a working temperature range of 80 - 1250 degrees F, and a max air volume of 23 CFM
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