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L. S. Starrett Company manufactures measurement instruments, precision tools and hand tools. The company's precision tool range includes micrometers, calipers, rulers, protractors, levels, gages, dial indicators, surface plates, squares and vises. The Starrett Micrometers catalogue includes a wide variety of mechanical, digital / electronic, depth and inside micrometers, used to measure dimensions in 1-inch increments to 0.0001-inch accuracy. The Starrett Calipers category includes Vernier, dial, digital and spring calipers, used in metalworking, forestry and woodworking for various measurements. Starrett dial indicators translate small linear distances into rotational movements. They are available in different dial sizes and graduations ranging from 0.001 mm to 0.01 mm in metric system and from 0.00005 inches to 0.001 inches in imperial system. Starrett Protractors are used for direct and comparative measurement of angles and are available in manual, digital, miter and universal-bevel variants. These tools are widely used by machinists, tool makers and quality inspectors for setting bevels, transferring angles or checking cutter clearances. Choose from a wide range of these Starrett tools, including hardness testers, tachometers and various other precision and hand tools, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Starrett distributors.

Angle Pitch and Slope Locators
  • Angle Pitch and Slope Locators
Angle meters with a high-impact plastic body and magnetic base to provide hands free operation on ferrous surfaces. Feature a large readable scale with readings from 0 to 90 degrees and are used for identifying angles in plumbing, electrical and HVAC applications
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Band Clamp Tools
  • Band Clamp Tools
Shaft alignment clamps used for fast and precise alignment of motors, pumps, compressors. Can also handle radial and angular misalignment problems
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Products (5)
Box I-Beam and Torpedo Levels
  • Box I-Beam and Torpedo Levels
Cast-iron machinist levels used by electricians, plumbers & machinists to ensure correct surface or angle alignment. Have an accuracy of 0.005 inch and comes in a wooden case
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Products (1)
Caliper Accessories
  • Caliper Accessories
Includes depth base attachments and centre-base attachments for use with various calipers to measure the depth and centre of grooves and bores
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Products (2)
Center Gages
  • Center Gages
American standard specified tempered steel centre gage features inch graduations used to determine the number of threads per inch.
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Center Punches
  • Center Punches
Rugged and heavy-duty punches with a knurled steel handle; used to make a mark on a metal / material where a hole is to be drilled. Widely used by carpenters, cabinet makers, metal workers and craftsmen and are available in a set of 5 - 7 pieces
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Products (9)
Combination Square Sets and Components
  • Combination Square Sets and Components
Used in drawing layouts and in dimension and angle measurement applications. Feature a steel blade with a square head and available in 1 - 4 piece set variants
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Products (29)
Depth Micrometers
  • Depth Micrometers
Digital and dial depth micrometers used for measuring depths of slots, holes and steps. Can measure dimensions in 1-inch increments to 0.0001-inch accuracy and 0.00005-inch resolution
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Products (24)
Dial Calipers
  • Dial Calipers
Used to make internal, external, depth and step measurements in both inch and metric systems with an accuracy of 0.001 inch. Widely used in metalworking, mechanical engineering and machining applications
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Products (16)
Dial Indicators
  • Dial Indicators
Used to measure small distances and angles and translate them into rotational movement of the dial. Available in graduations ranging from 0.00005 to 0.001 inches in the imperial system and 0.001 to 0.01 mm in the metric system
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Products (51)
Digital Calipers
  • Digital Calipers
Can take measurements in both metric and SAE systems. Feature an easy-to-read LCD unit. Available in carbon fibre and stainless steel
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Products (18)
Drill Point Gages
  • Drill Point Gages
Used to measure drill points to a 59 degree angle; have adjustable and removable hook rules and a sliding head
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Products (1)
Durometer Tester Accessories
  • Durometer Tester Accessories
Includes durometer test block sets containing three rubber test blocks with calibration certificates. Feature a Shore A scale and are used to test the operational status of durometers and find hardness values
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Products (1)
Edge and Center Finders
  • Edge and Center Finders
Used to locate spindle centres and working points on drill presses and milling machines easily and accurately. Have tool steel construction and are available in single- & double-end variants
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Products (4)
Electronic Digital Indicators
  • Electronic Digital Indicators
Non-rotating digital indicators used to collect data and transfer measurements to computers in various statistical process-control applications. Feature +/- 0.001 inch accuracy, 0.005 inch (0.010 mm) resolution, hold function and an in / m converter
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Products (2)
Gage Blocks/Clamps Surveillance Masters
  • Gage Blocks/Clamps Surveillance Masters
Hardened steel gage blocks extensively used in layout and inspection work to set precise dimensions that can be used as a comparative standard for the measurement or calibration of machine tools and manufactured parts. Available in rectangular, round and V-block variants
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Products (22)
Hand Held Punches
  • Hand Held Punches
One- and two-piece drive pin punches used to install and remove pins without damaging the pin or hole. Available in different tip sizes and lengths
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Products (21)
Hardness Testers
  • Hardness Testers
ASTM-compliant benchtop hardness testers used to find the hardness value of various materials, ranging from soft-bearing metals to carbides. Have a stable cast-iron construction and can handle Rockwell Scales A through H and K
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Products (1)
Height Gauges
  • Height Gauges
Used to mark the height of workpieces from a reference surface plate with a +/- 0.0015 inch accuracy. Feature hardened stainless-steel construction with cast-iron base, a digital readout LCD display and a lock that holds the slide in a fixed position
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Products (2)
Hole Drill Bore and Wire Gauges
  • Hole Drill Bore and Wire Gauges
Includes various steel taper, hole, drill and wire gages used for measuring diameters of holes and wires. Available in different lengths and measuring ranges
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