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  • Auxiliary Contacts

    Designed for use with primary switching equipment like circuit breakers, relays and contactors. Feature normally open and normally closed designs, are often used as an interlock or retainer and indicate operation status of a device. Available in voltage ratings up to 690 VAC

  • Combination Starters

    UL-listed starters featuring a NO / NC / no-actuator circuit design to protect electric circuits from both overcurrent loads and short circuits. Come equipped with melting-alloy overload relays

  • Contactor Accessories

    Includes replacement accessories, like mounting brackets, pneumatic timers, replacement coils and replacement contact kits, for use with NO and NC contactors

  • Definite Purpose Magnetic Contactors

    Reversible and non-reversible relays designed to provide automatic shut-off during power failures. Suitable for use with circuits where overload protection is separately offered, and can handle fully inductive loads up to 90 A

  • Drum Switches

    NEMA-rated drum switches featuring manually a manual over-riding facility to reverse the turning direction of motors. Offer different hp ratings at 230, 240 & 460 volts

  • Lighting Magnetic Contactors

    Suitable for use in stadiums, parks, new construction sites and industrial plants for switching electrical power circuits. Provide higher current ratings as compared to relays. Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 pole configurations

  • Magnetic Starters with Electronic Overload

    Ideal for use with woodworking machines like shapers and cabinet saws. Provide overload & under-voltage protection, as well as an automatic cut-off facility in case of a power failure

  • Magnetic Starters with Thermal Overload

    Provide under-voltage and overload protection in sensitive electrical circuits or panelboards. Feature an electromagnetically operated switch for starting the connected motors with a maximum current rating of 27 A

  • Manual Motor Switches and Starters

    Ideal for ON / OFF switching operations in small 1-phase, 3-phase or DC motors in pumps, fans, small machine tools and conveyors. Handle current ratings up to 30A with a maximum operating voltage of 600 VAC

  • Manual Starter Accessory

    Includes emergency off actuators, fuse clips & holders, handle guard kits with a padlock provision, internal levers, jumper strap kits, motor logic accessories, mounting brackets, reset mechanism w/ external overload and transient suppression modules

  • Motor Starter Enclosures

    NEMA-rated starter enclosures used with heating loads, transformers, capacitors, electric motors and other powered loads requiring a separate overload protection. Selected models come with a gray finish for a shiny appearance. Offered in heights ranging from 5.51 to 31.5 inches

  • NEMA Magnetic Contactors

    Designed to balance alterations in electrical frequencies and ensure automatic cutoff during power failure conditions

  • Overload Relays

    Facilitate motor overload protection in Type S, NEMA-style magnetic motor starters. Feature an automatic or manual reset function that also offers maximum current adjustment. Available in current ratings ranging between 0.4 & 32A

  • Starter Control Kit

    Includes hand, OFF and auto-selector switches, ON / OFF pushbutton kits and pushbutton control kits. Can be used in conjunction with starters / contactors to maintain the operational status of motors

  • Thermal Units

    Used to protect controllers, motors and branch-circuit conductors from excessive heating and over-current conditions. Capable of tripping the circuit assembly within 20 seconds or less. Available in amperage ratings ranging from 0.3 to 19.2A

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About the Brand

Square D, a flagship brand of Schneider Electric, is a leading provider of high-quality electrical equipment for both commercial and industrial applications. The extensive Square D catalogue includes electronic protective devices, pressure switches, contactors, circuit breakers and transformers. Single and double pole pressure switches from Square D are IP6-rated and feature die-cast enclosures with rubber gaskets to meet NEMA oil, dust & moisture sealing requirements. These switches are used to open or close an electrical circuit and are also used as Auto On / Off / Start devices. Square D QOM Series circuit breakers provide industrial and commercial circuit protection against damage from overload and short-circuit. These bolt-on circuit breakers feature a compact design for minimising panel space and footprint and patented red Visi-Trip indicator which provides easy tripped circuit breaker detection. Choose from a wide range of these bolt-on QOM Series circuit breakers and related accessories such as hook sticks, lever arms, auxiliary contacts and mounting hardware, on Raptor Supplies.

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