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Square D is a leading provider of low-voltage, automation, critical power, cooling and energy storage solutions for both commercial and industrial applications. The Square D catalog includes pressure switches, contactors circuit breakers and transformers. Square D molded-case circuit breakers are designed to protect switchboards, motor control centres and panelboards from overloads or short-circuits. These breakers comprise a thermal-magnetic / electronic trip unit that provides long-time, short-time and adjustable / fixed instantaneous trip functions. Square D Class 2 transformers feature low-impedance windings to accommodate high inrush current and are therefore ideal for use with air-conditioning thermostats, garage door openers and sprinkler system controls. These transformers require an input voltage supply of 120 / 208 VAC. A wide range of these Square D products and related accessories, such as hooksticks, lever arms, auxiliary contacts and mounting hardware, is available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Square D distributor.

  • Auxiliary Contacts
Normally open and normally closed contacts for use with primary switching equipment, like circuit breakers, relays and contactors, to indicate the operational status. Available in left, screw, side & slip-on mounting options
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Products (21)
  • Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers
Used to control voltage levels and protect control panels or circuit devices from overloads and short-circuits. Feature an electronic / thermal-magnetic unit for instantaneous and long-time trip functions
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Products (443)
  • Buck Boost Transformers
UL-listed buck boost transformers featuring a NEMA 3A- / 3R-rated enclosure and a space-saving circuit design to provide small changes in voltage for matching the load requirements
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Products (30)
  • Bus Plugs
I-Line & I-Line II busways designed to allow 100 percent of the current to flow continuously. Feature a totally enclosed housing to eliminate accidental busbar contacts. Available in current rates ranging from 15 to 600 A
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Products (115)
  • Busplug Hooksticks and Accessories
Fibreglass hooksticks and floor operator attachments suitable for use with Square D PQ Series busways or equivalent busway-mounted disconnect switches
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Products (4)
  • Cable Pull Switch Accessories
1.81-inch long aluminium lever arms ideal for use with Square D 2FL99, 2FM01, 2FM02 and 2FM03 emergency cable pull switches
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Products (1)
  • Cable Pull Switches
IP-rated switches ideal for use with conveyor systems, packaging equipment, transfer machines and paint lines to signal an emergency shut-off at any point in cables up to 165 feet in length
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Products (2)
  • Circuit Breaker Accessories
Replacement accessories, such as brackets, handle padlocks and extensions, interlocks, lug kits, and shunt trips, designed for use with Square D circuit breakers
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Products (121)
  • Circuit Breaker Enclosures
NEMA-rated steel / stainless-steel enclosures designed to protect users from accidentally contacting energised parts of circuit breakers & molded switch cases. Capable of handling current flows up to 1000 A
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Products (28)
  • Circuit Protection Devices
Thermal-magnetic circuit protectors used to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent. Feature load- and line-side box lugs to provide easy track-mounting
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Products (7)
  • Class 2 Transformers
50 and 75 VA transformers designed for applications in air-conditioning thermostats, garage door openers and sprinkler system controls. Feature low-impedance windings to accommodate high inrush current
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Products (2)
  • Combination Starters
UL-listed starters featuring a NO / NC / no-actuator circuit design to protect electric circuits from both overcurrent loads and short circuits. Come equipped with melting-alloy overload relays
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Products (122)
  • Contactor Accessories
Includes replacement accessories, like mounting brackets, pneumatic timers, replacement coils and replacement contact kits, for use with NO and NC contactors
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Products (51)
  • Control Stations
Momentary and maintained control stations featuring an auxiliary contact rating of 5 A at 600 VAC. Used to control cranes and motors, and offered in cast-zinc, metal, plastic & stainless-steel enclosure variants
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Products (32)
  • Control Transformers
Power transformers designed with low impedance windings to handle the high inrush current flow from contactors, starters, solenoids and relays. Available in 120 - 480 VAC input voltage range
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Products (149)
  • Current Transformers
Solid- and split-core current transformers designed for use with meters, panels & signalling devices to control and measure electrical currents as high as 2000 A
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Products (11)
  • Definite Purpose Magnetic Contactors
Reversible and non-reversible relays designed to provide automatic shut-off during power failures. Suitable for use with circuits where overload protection is separately offered, and can handle fully inductive loads up to 90 A
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Products (140)
  • Drum Switches
NEMA-rated drum switches featuring manually a manual over-riding facility to reverse the turning direction of motors. Offer different hp ratings at 230, 240 & 460 volts
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Products (4)
  • Electrical Control Pilot Lights
Includes pilot light kits used to indicate the operational status of contactors, manual switches and fractional hp manual starters
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Products (10)
  • Electrical Device Enclosures
NEMA-rated enclosures featuring a 16 / 18 / 20 metal-gauge construction to protect electrical wiring, gas cables and telecommunication cables. Selected models come equipped with ventilated systems to eliminate warm internal air
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Products (6)
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