Square D

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Starters and Contactors


  • Buck Boost Transformers

    UL-listed buck boost transformers featuring a NEMA 3A- / 3R-rated enclosure and a space-saving circuit design to provide small changes in voltage for matching the load requirements

  • Class 2 Transformers

    50 and 75 VA transformers designed for applications in air-conditioning thermostats, garage door openers and sprinkler system controls. Feature low-impedance windings to accommodate high inrush current

  • Control Transformers

    Power transformers designed with low impedance windings to handle the high inrush current flow from contactors, starters, solenoids and relays. Available in 120 - 480 VAC input voltage range

  • Current Transformers

    Solid- and split-core current transformers designed for use with meters, panels & signalling devices to control and measure electrical currents as high as 2000 A


  • Electrical Device Enclosures

    NEMA-rated enclosures featuring a 16 / 18 / 20 metal-gauge construction to protect electrical wiring, gas cables and telecommunication cables. Selected models come equipped with ventilated systems to eliminate warm internal air

Wire Connectors



Push Buttons

Hand Tools

Inspection and Retrieving Tools

  • Busplug Hooksticks and Accessories

    Fibreglass hooksticks and floor operator attachments suitable for use with Square D PQ Series busways or equivalent busway-mounted disconnect switches

Outdoor Equipment


Float Valves and Accessories


Hydraulic System Components

Square D, a flagship brand of Schneider Electric, is a leading provider of high-quality electrical equipment for both commercial and industrial applications. The extensive Square D catalogue includes electronic protective devices, pressure switches, contactors, circuit breakers and transformers. Single and double pole pressure switches from Square D are IP6-rated and feature die-cast enclosures with rubber gaskets to meet NEMA oil, dust & moisture sealing requirements. These switches are used to open or close an electrical circuit and are also used as Auto On / Off / Start devices. Square D QOM Series circuit breakers provide industrial and commercial circuit protection against damage from overload and short-circuit. These bolt-on circuit breakers feature a compact design for minimising panel space and footprint and patented red Visi-Trip indicator which provides easy tripped circuit breaker detection. Choose from a wide range of these bolt-on QOM Series circuit breakers and related accessories such as hook sticks, lever arms, auxiliary contacts and mounting hardware, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Square D distributor.