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Square D, a flagship brand of Schneider Electric, is a leading provider of high-quality electrical equipment for both commercial and industrial applications. The extensive Square D catalogue includes electronic protective devices, pressure switches, contactors, circuit breakers and transformers. Single and double pole pressure switches from Square D are IP6-rated and feature die-cast enclosures with rubber gaskets to meet NEMA oil, dust & moisture sealing requirements. These switches are used to open or close an electrical circuit and are also used as Auto On / Off / Start devices. Square D QOM Series circuit breakers provide industrial and commercial circuit protection against damage from overload and short-circuit. These bolt-on circuit breakers feature a compact design for minimising panel space and footprint and patented red Visi-Trip indicator which provides easy tripped circuit breaker detection. Choose from a wide range of these bolt-on QOM Series circuit breakers and related accessories such as hook sticks, lever arms, auxiliary contacts and mounting hardware, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Square D distributor.