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Sola/Hevi-Duty, a brand of Emerson, offers quality industrial power solutions to avoid damages due to blackouts and voltage surges. Its product line includes surge protection devices, power conditioners, power supplies and transformers. These Sola/HD products are ideal for factory automation, process control, building automation and service automation applications.
The brand's surge suppressors are UL listed and feature compact and narrow design, 50000 amps of surge protection, patented thermal fusing and easy access terminal screws. Sola also manufactures heavy-duty DC to DC convertors commonly used in portable electronic devices such as laptops and cellular phones.

DC Power Supplies
  • DC Power Supplies
Feature low-noise technology and easy screw terminal connections to provide consistent DC power where AC supply is not accessible or available. DC to DC converters to alter the DC voltage levels also available
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DC Power Supply Accessories
  • DC Power Supply Accessories
Includes DIN rated rail-mount redundancy power supply modules for application with DC input solenoids, relays, PLCs, switches and sensors
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Hardwire Surge Protection Devices
  • Hardwire Surge Protection Devices
Designed to protect electronic equipments from damage due to voltage spikes (or transients). Include UL listed STV and STFE Series surge suppressors (or surge protectors) featuring LED for status indication and Form C dry contacts for remote monitoring
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Power Conditioners
  • Power Conditioners
Hardwired / panel mount Sola power conditioners designed for application where a constant voltage level is required. Commonly used to step up / step down voltage, filter noise and suppress surges and available in different I/O voltage ratings, power ratings and mounting options
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