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Electric Valve Actuators

Zone Valve Actuator 24v Spring Return
Item: AF8EXW
Model: SFA71U
$124.57 /unit
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Zone Valve Actuator 24v Spring Return
Item: AF8EXX
Model: SFP71U
$132.20 /unit
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  • Valve Actuator
  • Valve Actuator
  • Valve Actuator
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About Siemens

Siemens is a German brand that provides electrical and automation products for aerospace, automotive, chemical, food and beverage, marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and mining industries. The Siemens catalogue includes circuit breakers, valves, damper and valve replacement motors, airflow switches, pneumatic controls, non-illuminated push buttons and actuators. Siemens plug-in miniature circuit breakers are designed to protect sensitive electrical circuits from current overloads and short circuits. These devices feature a thermal-magnetic trip unit providing both long-time and instantaneous current limiting functions. They are further integrated with plug-in mounting facility which easily adjusts with all types of panelboards and switchboards. Choose from a wide range of these products along with circuit breaker enclosures and electric vehicle charging stations on Raptor Supplies.