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Material Handling

Casters and Wheels

  • Caster Accessories

    Installation accessories, including wrenches and threaded / friction-ring stem mounts, designed for use with both stem and plate casters

  • Caster Sockets Brackets and Floor Locks

    Screw-flanged brackets and press-fit sockets used to mount caster stem fittings. Offered in tube diameters up to 0.9 inches

  • Plate Casters

    Rigid / swivel casters featuring polyurethane / rubber / thermoplastic rubber wheels capable of bearing loads up to 999 lb. Used for both light- and heavy-duty mobility applications. Models featuring over-the-wheel and total-lock brakes also available

  • Stem Casters

    Polyolefin / polypropylene stem casters featuring heat-treated wheels with precision ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation. Can bear loads up to 280 lb and ideal for moving medical equipment or furniture

Shepherd Caster Corporation, a member of Colson Group USA, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality casters for use with store fixtures and electronic / material handling equipment in commercial stores as well as in automotive, aerospace and food industries. The brand's catalogue includes stem casters, plate casters, caster sockets and related mounting hardware. Shepherd caster wheels are designed to carry out effortless, heavy-equipment mobility operations and can bear loads up to 999 lb (453.13 kg). The brand's heat-treated stem casters comprise precision ball bearings to offer a smooth, quiet ride and also come equipped with brakes in selected models. Shepherd caster sockets feature a press-fit mounting for easy installation and are offered in different materials and sizes. Choose from a wide range of these casters and caster accessories, like wrenches, mounts, brackets and floor locks, in different dimensional configurations, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Shepherd Caster distributors.