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Material Handling

Hand Trucks

Dock Equipment

  • Dock Bumpers

    High-quality corner bumpers designed for use with Saw Trax dollies to protect walls and furniture from accidental bumps

Dollies and Movers

  • Dollies

    Ideal for moving a pillow-top mattress along with the box spring and carrying glass sheets, granite slabs, flat-screen TVs & plywood sheets; have a maximum load capacity of 1000 lb

Power Tools

Power Saws and Accessories

  • Panel Saws

    Includes 1000, 2000, 3000, Sign Maker and Classic Series vertical panel saws featuring the patented Accu-Glide steel roller bearing system, 'Set & Forget' Accu-Square alignment system and quick change carriage to change tools in 10 seconds

Hand Tools

Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks

Cutting Tools

  • Hook Cutters

    Heavy-duty Coro-Claw cutters designed to cut through thick-walled 4- and 10-mm (0.15 - 0.39 inch) corrugated PVC sheets; feature a patented bevelled cutting blade and an ergonomic handle


Replacement Parts



Extension Cords and Outlet Strips

  • Extension Cords

    Designed for use with 1000 and 2000 Series saws to keep the saw's cord tied up and out of the way

Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc. has been offering industrial-grade cutting solutions for more than 31 years. For varied industrial cutting requirements, the brand offers an extensive Panel Saw catalogue comprising the heavy-duty 1000,  2000 and  3000 Series Vertical Panel Saws, and the versatile  and economical Varsity, Sign Maker and Classic Series Vertical Panel Saws. Standard powder-coated panel saws from Saw Trax have a rugged steel frame supported by Accu-Square alignment for stability. These rugged and hi-precision panel saws have sealed steel roller bearings to ensure smooth mobility and tighter tolerances. Not only are these safer than table saws, they also require lesser floor space and cut faster. The brand also offers sturdy Coro-Claw cutters featuring a patented bevelled cutting blade designed to cut through 0.15 to 0.39-inch-thick corrugated posters, PVC sheets, plastic signs and pictures. Choose from a wide range of these Coro-Claw cutters and other company products, such as dock bumpers, dollies, speciality hand trucks and related accessories and parts, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Saw Trax distributor.