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Rotozip offers high-quality tools, attachments and accessories to cut through a range of materials, including drywalls, ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles. The company's product line includes spiral saws, drill bits, cut-off wheels, hand saws, dust management kits, direct drive attachments and circle cutter guides. The lightweight and durable Rotozip spiral saw is widely used to make plunge cuts, freehand cuts and cut-outs. It features an exhaust vent that throws dust and debris away from the tool and has a maximum rotational frequency of 30000 rpm. This type of Rotozip saw can also be used with dust management kit and circle cutter guide. Choose from a wide range of Rotozip accessories, along with other company products such as spiral saws and abrasive cut wheels, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

  • Cordless Tool Accessories
Includes 2-1/2 inch direct drive cut-off rotary tool attachments for mounting spiral saws. Built with cast aluminium guard and can cut through up to 3/4-inch thick steel, copper and plastic
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  • Drill Guide
2-1/2 inch zirconia cut wheels designed for used with RZ zip saws. Ideal for cutting, grinding and deburring plastics and metals
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  • Spiral Saw Accessories
Includes diamond hole saw, drywall, floor tile X, underlayment, tile cut, window / door and metal cutting bits for use with spiral saws
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  • Spiral Saws
Includes spiral saw kits including a spiral saw with 30000 rpm MagnaCore motor ideal for cutting wood, metal and soft tiles
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