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Retaining Rings and Assortments

  • Retaining Rings

    Equipped with three prongs to make direct contact with the bottom of the groove for effective retention of assemblies. Facilitate easy assembly and accuracy of positioning. Can operate between the temperature range of -100 and 500 degrees F


  • Cable Wire and Hose Clamps

    Hose clamps designed for holding a hose over barbed fittings & preventing the fluid flow at leaked connections. Feature a peen-plated zinc finish that provides surface protection from hydrogen embrittlement problems and offer uniform holding force & clamping strength

Material Handling

Stretch Wrap and Stretch Wrap Equipment

  • Stretch Wrap Films

    Hand stretch wraps used for protecting goods from damage, dust & moisture. Easy to clean, maintain & transport due to light-polyethylene construction. Come in a length of 1000 ft

Rotor Clip Company, Inc. is an ISO:9001 certified manufacturer of wave springs, retaining rings, cable wires and hose clamps for use in aerospace, automotive and power transmission industries. The brand's hose clamps are designed for securely holding a hose over barb / nipple fittings and preventing the fluid flow at leaked connections; thereby ideal for use in commercial plumbing systems (laundry machines and dishwashers) and heating & air conditioning systems. These single-wire hose clamps can deliver a uniform holding force and clamping strength by concentrating the clamping force in a particular section around the hose and feature a peen-plated zinc finish which provides surface protection from hydrogen embrittlement problems. They further come equipped with a hardened & austempered spring wire to meet the desired output levels and are offered in thicknesses ranging between 0.062 and 0.107 inches. The brand's e-retain rings are used to fasten assemblies on the shafts or in bore / housing assemblies and only require a groove, as compared to traditional fasteners that require threaded components, access holes, mating threaded holes or counter-bores. These rings feature three prongs that make direct contact with the bottom of the groove to provide support for effective retention of assemblies. They exhibit tensile strengths ranging between 100000 and 150000 psi to provide exceptional thrust loading & can be safely used within a temperature range of -100 to 500 degree F. Choose from a wide range of these e-retain rings in different inner, outer, shaft & groove diameters and thicknesses on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Rotor Clip distributor.