Ron-Vik has been manufacturing high-quality filters and strainers for more than 65 years. The company's product line includes in-line strainers, filter washers and suction line strainers. These products are widely used for straining and filtering applications in food processing equipment, pool and spa equipment, agricultural sprayers and plumbing projects.
The brand's in-line strainers are designed to remove contaminants from liquid, gas or steam lines and can be found installed in pumps, regulators and control valves. They feature nylon / polypropylene construction and are available in FNPT, MNPT, HB or quick connect ports. The high-quality filter washers trap dust and debris to protect nozzles, faucet aerators and emitters from damage. They are available in T304 stainless steel wire cloth ranging from 20 to 100 mesh.

  • Inline Strainers

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    Designed to facilitate effective straining and filtering in liquid, gas or steam lines. Have a maximum flow rate of 15 gpm and feature an EPDM / Viton gasket and an FNPT / MNPT connection