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Revcor is a provider of a wide range of configurable air moving products for applications in food service, HVAC and transportation industries. The Revcor catalogue of products includes replacement propellers, aluminium fan blades, direct drive blower wheels and condenser fan blades. The condenser fan blade is ideal for low static pressure applications and manufactured from aluminium for maximum strength and rigidity. The Revcor fan blade is offered in clockwise and counter clockwise rotations and design options for up to 6 blades, depending on the operation and air speed requirements.

Aluminum Fan Blades
  • Aluminum Fan Blades
Includes 4 and 6 blade exhaust fans turning at a maximum rpm of 1450, suitable for low static pressure applications like air conditioning & ventilation, and in cooling towers and large unit handlers. Available in galvanized aluminium and steel blade options
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Condenser Fan Blades
  • Condenser Fan Blades
CW and CCW hub-less fans with 1/2-inch bores & 50 percent noise reduction; ideal for A/C condensers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, unit heaters and power roof ventilators at speeds up to 1725 rpm. Available in various diameters and flow ranges
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Direct Drive Blower Wheels
  • Direct Drive Blower Wheels
Inside hub direct drive wheels to provide high air volume with low vibration used in draft inducers, & kitchen and bath exhausts as well as for power venting, heating & ventilation. Available in both CCW and CW rotation variants
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Replacement Propellers
  • Replacement Propellers
Includes Revcor 1 and 1/2 hp belt driven propellers with diameters up to 48 inches. Available in bore diameters of 1, 3/4 and 7 inches, and pitch angles up to 30 degrees
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