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Red Lion Controls has been offering industrial automation and networking solutions for applications in oil and gas, automotive, food and beverage, manufacturing and transportation industries. The Red Lion product catalogue includes digital panel meters, temperature controllers, dewatering pumps, signal conditioners and rotary encoders.
The NEMA 4X / IP65 rated Red Lion digital panel meters are designed to read a variety of inputs including voltage, time, current, temperature, count and rate. These panel meters feature a 6- / 8-digit reflective LCD display with green or red backlighting. They are widely used to measure oven temperature, motor current, pressure, cooling water temperature and welding current. Choose from a wide range of these Red Lion panel meters and related accessories on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Red Lion Controls distributors.

  • Digital Panel Meters
Screw terminal / cage-clamp terminal block type digital panel meters with a bright LED or backlit LCD for displaying voltage, current, resistance, temperature, pressure, volume and frequency
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  • Magnetic Pickups
Products (1)
  • Panel Meter Accessories
Includes single, dual and quad relay plug-in option cards; power supplies, pulse rate-analogue converters, 5- / 6-digit LEDs, DIN rail mount adapter kits, DIN rail speed switches, EPAX & LPAX shrouds, plastic enclosures, programming modules and programming cables
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  • Rotary Encoders
Designed to keep track of the position of a rotating shaft by converting the shaft rotation into electronic pulses. Feature a maximum rotation speed of 6000 rpm, and are available in different shaft diameters and widths
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  • Signal Conditioner
Designed to amplify and convert analogue signals into an easy-to-read and compatible form for data acquisition or machine control. Feature a universal conversion module and 3-way isolation of analogue signals, and can accept more than 100 different signal combinations
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  • Temperature Controllers
UL-listed Red Lion temperature controllers featuring a large dual-line 4-digit display, full PID control and universal input capability. Allow simultaneous viewing of temperature / process and setpoint values, and can easily operate at temperatures ranging from 32 to 122 degrees F
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