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Red Devil Equipment Company, now RADIA, manufactures a wide variety of paint mixers, shakers and various mixing equipment. The electric and pneumatic Red Devil paint shakers are used to shake paint in cans or buckets thoroughly for a fixed amount of time. They use a gyroscopic mixing motion to turn the paint buckets and cans in both vertical and horizontal directions to efficiently mix high volumes of paint. The company also offers single- and double-arm paint shakers to mix one or two cans of paint simultaneously. For use in hazardous locations, explosion-proof variants are also offered by the company. Red Devil paint mixers are used to stir and mix high volumes of paint without using a drill. Choose from a wide variety of paint shakers and paint shaker parts from Red Devil on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

  • Paint Shaker Accessories
Includes paint lid sealers, counter bases, drying racks, magnetic holders, oil seal housings and other replacement and custom parts for paint shakers
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  • Paint Shakers
Single- / double-arm electric- and pneumatic-powered paint shakers used to shake and mix paint in cans or buckets. Use a gyroscopic mixing motion to thoroughly mix high volumes of paint. Explosion-proof variants also available
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Products (9)