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Wire Connectors

  • Mechanical Connectors

    8-, 30- and 48-inch mechanical connectors designed to repair or seal damaged wire jackets or to make quick tap connections, terminations and in-line splices. Suitable for use with copper, aluminium and copper-clad aluminium conductors 

  • Splice Kits

    Crosslinked polyolefin splices with silicone jackets to make quick connections or repair damaged wire jackets; can handle a maximum temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit. EPDM cold shrink splices capable of withstanding voltage up to 1000 V also available


  • Enclosure Accessories

    Heat-shrink cabinet feed-through seal kits to protect electrical cables and other components from cuts and abrasion. Feature durable polyamide construction and strong thermoplastic adhesive. Includes O-rings for air / water seal at cabinet entry

Wire Management

  • Shrink Tubing

    Heat shrink tubing made of abrasion- and corrosion-resistant polyolefin used to insulate electrical wires. Can withstand a maximum voltage of 1000 V and accommodate up to 1 AWG wires. Tubing kits with 160 pieces to fit 28 to 4 AWG wires also available

HVAC and Refrigeration

Electric Heaters and Accessories

  • Heating Cable Accessories

    Includes application tapes, downspout hangers, roof clip brackets and gel-filled end seal kits for use with Raychem self-regulating heat cables. Permanent power connection kits for pipe-heating and roof de-icing applications also available

  • Heating Cables

    120 and 240 V self-regulating heat cables featuring two parallel conductors enclosed within a heating core; designed for use in surface snow melting, floor heating and pipe freeze protection. Available in 50-, 100- and 250-foot variants 

A/C Refrigeration

  • A/C Refrigeration Accessories

    120 VAC and 208 / 277 VAC, self-regulating crankcase heaters for use in air-conditioning, heat pump and chiller systems to prevent refrigerant migration. Automatically turn on at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and fit any unit up to 5 hp


Gas Welding Equipment

  • Torch and Torch Kits

    13-inch propane torch kits featuring adjustable flame and continuous run lock; used for heat-shrink tubing, strip insulation and terminating speciality connectors. Supplied with a regulator for disposable propane cylinder, a 4-foot hose and handle assembly

TE Connectivity and nVent are two separate companies that sell products under the brand name 'Raychem', which is a leading manufacturer of wire & cable, and thermal management products for applications in the material science, manufacturing, telecommunication and power generation industries. The brand's extensive catalogue includes connectors, fibre optics, heat-shrinkable tubings, identification & labelling tapes, wires & cables, floor heaters, leak detection systems, fire-rated wires and heat traces. Raychem self-regulating heat cables are capable of automatically adjusting the heat output and are therefore suitable for de-icing applications on metal / plastic pipes of diameters up to 6 inches. These freeze-protection cables feature two parallel conductors embedded in a heating core made from a conductive polymer, which is further radiation-crosslinked to ensure longer service life. The brand also manufactures shaft repair sleeves / splices used to seal out moisture and prevent above- / under-ground corrosion in splice connectors of motor leads, power cables and pool wiring systems. These connectors feature shear-head bolts to minimise connection resistance and ensure that the correct torque is applied on the bolts and require just a standard ratchet wrench with appropriate sized hexagonal sockets for installation. Choose from a wide range of these products and related accessories such as crankcase heaters, seal kits, application tapes, downspout hangers and roof clip brackets on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Raychem distributor.