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Raco is a Hubbell Incorporated brand that manufactures various electrical and electronic products. Hubbell Raco offers a comprehensive line of high-quality steel and non-metallic electrical boxes, connectors, covers and fittings. These products are UL listed and ANSI / NEMA approved. Raco electrical boxes are used to protect wires, switches and receptacles and come in different materials, capacities, mounting types and dimensions. The company also offers various conduit fittings for coupling, connecting and fastening conduits. Shop from a wide range of electrical boxes and conduit fittings on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Hubbell Raco distributors.

Cable Connectors
  • Cable Connectors
Metallic cable connectors for 1/2-inch non-metallic sheathed cables (NMSC) and 1-1/4 inch UF cables. Feature rugged die cast zinc construction
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Conduit Body Covers and Gaskets
  • Conduit Body Covers and Gaskets
Rubber gaskets having 1/2-inch hub size for use with RACO conduit bodies to protect electrical wirings and installations. 
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Conduit Fittings
  • Conduit Fittings
Includes locknuts, connectors, couplers, nipples, bushings and other fittings made from malleable iron, steel, aluminium or die-cast zinc materials; used for connecting cables or conduits to an electrical box or with one another
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Conduit Reducing Bushings and Washers
  • Conduit Reducing Bushings and Washers
3-inch to 2-1/2 inch reducing washers with stamped trade size information for ease of identification. Feature steel construction for installation integrity and zinc-electroplating for corrosion resistance 
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Electrical Box Cover Accessories
  • Electrical Box Cover Accessories
Includes rings, bar hangers, mounting brackets, washers, ground clips and other accessories for use with RACO electrical box covers. Utility extension rings with keyholes (for ease of installation) for use in 2-hour fire-rated walls also available
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Electrical Box Covers
  • Electrical Box Covers
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Electrical Safety Boxes
  • Electrical Safety Boxes
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