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Quantum Storage Systems offers an extensive line of durable industrial bins, containers and shelving systems for efficient storage and material handling applications in warehouses and industries. The Quantum Storage Systems catalogue includes plastic bins, totes, bin dividers, wall containers, steel & wire shelving systems, stack and nest containers, and mobile bin carts. These storage products provide a hassle-free, durable and efficient storage solution, and are ideal for maintaining inventories. The Quantum Storage Bins range includes shelf bins, hang and stack bins, drawer bins and giant hopper bins made of high-quality industrial grade plastic. These bins come in different colours for quick identification of stored items and offer optimum space utilisation with improved accessibility. Quantum Storage bin dividers are also used to optimise the storage space of bins by creating additional compartments. These bin dividers are offered in carbon steel and polypropylene variants. Choose from a wide range of these products, along with their accessories such as mounting hardware, casters, lids and stacking brackets, on Raptor Supplies. 

Bin And Box Accessories
  • Bin And Box Accessories
Includes polystyrene / steel lids, bin windows and cups, dust covers, dollies, label holders, tip-out bins, wall rails and stacking brackets in different lengths and heights
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Products (56)
Bin Dividers
  • Bin Dividers
Designed to create additional bin compartments and optimise the overall bin storage space. Made with carbon steel, polypropylene or polystyrene and available in different lengths, heights and widths
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Products (86)
Bin Rail Systems
  • Bin Rail Systems
Customisable storage systems for providing extra storage at workplaces. Have a maximum load holding capacity of 1600 lb and can be mounted on wall, inside service trucks, carts, cabinets or benches
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Products (109)
Bin Shelving
  • Bin Shelving
Versatile and precision-moulded Quantum shelving systems to store small replacement parts or components. Feature dual layer construction and hemmed perimeter to ensure maximum strength and durability
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Products (446)
Conductive Bins
  • Conductive Bins
Products (25)
Drawer Bin Cabinets
  • Drawer Bin Cabinets
Products (23)
Drawer Bins
  • Drawer Bins
Designed for application with drawer storage cabinets and can also be used as a replacement for old or damaged drawer bins. Can handle loads up to 25 lb and have a maximum volume of 0.40 cu. ft.
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Products (35)
Giant Hopper Bins
  • Giant Hopper Bins
Feature a wide hopper front to provide easy access to the stored contents, a hole drilled at the bottom for easy drainage while cleaning and front-, back- and side-grips for easy handling. Certain models come with casters for easy transportation.
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Products (121)
Hang and Stack Bins
  • Hang and Stack Bins
Can be stacked onto each other and used with louvered panels, racks and rail systems for optimum space utilisation. Feature stacking ledges and anti-slide locks to avoid bins from shifting forward, and come with label holders for quick identification of stored contents
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Products (129)
Label Holders
  • Label Holders
Products (7)
Louvered Racks and Panels
  • Louvered Racks and Panels
Used to securely hang storage bins or containers to keep parts or components out of the way and to improve workplace safety. Can handle up to 2000 lb load and come in powder-coat or baked-enamel finish to resist dust or dirt
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Products (86)
Mobile Bin Carts
  • Mobile Bin Carts
Products (4)
  • Parts
Products (3)
Rack Accessories
  • Rack Accessories
Products (1)
Shelf Bins
  • Shelf Bins
Water-, chemical- and oil-resistant Quantum shelf bins made from polypropylene or polyethylene. Feature a moulded-in label holder, a built-in rear hanglock, reinforced edges and a maximum load capacity of 85 lb
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Products (241)
  • Shelving
Products (1)
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