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Material Handling

Dock Equipment

  • Dock And Mezzanine Gates

    OSHA and ANSI-compliant gates to ensure worker safety and provide protection from accidental falling from mezzanines and docks with steep edges and heavy equipment

  • Traffic Doors

    Durable powder-coated access doors widely used in warehouses, commercial kitchens and restaurants to provide two-way access through the entrance

Ladders Platforms and Scaffolding

  • Ladder Accessories

    Includes grab bars and ladder rung continuation handles that provide a stable grip on ladders. Installed horizontally and are supplied fully assembled


  • Steel Folding Gate Doors

    Fully assembled standard, paired and full-height self-closing ladder safety gates supplied with the required mounting hardware


Door Hardware

  • Door Bottoms

    Corrosion-resistant and lightweight aluminium flood barriers featuring a fully assembled latch system for quick installation and effective flood protection in industries and homes

Braces and Brackets

  • Brackets

    Powder-coated, stainless steel and galvanised mounting bracket kits used for mounting ladder safety gates without drilling


Fall Protection

  • Roof Hatch Railing Systems

    Access and roof hatches to ensure safe and stable railing grip while entering or leaving the roof hatch. Made of corrosion-resistant materials and ideal for refineries and power industries

PS Doors has been offering various safety access and fall protection products for over 40 years. The company's product range includes dock and mezzanine gates, steel folding gate doors, roof hatch railing systems, traffic doors and bottom doors for use in oil & gas, agriculture, food processing and manufacturing industries. These OSHA and ANSI compliant products are supplied fully assembled with standard mounting hardware. The brand's Steel Folding Gates range includes standard (one-door), paired (two-door) and full height ladder safety gates. PS Doors ladder safety gates prevent accidental falling from the gap at the top of a ladder used to access an elevated platform.
A wide range of these ladder safety gates and other PS Doors Safety Access products, such as loading dock safety gates, pallet safety gates and HatchSafe / HatchGrip for hatch access, is available in different materials and sizes on Raptor Supplies, an authorised PS Doors distributor.