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Hand Tools


  • 3-piece wrench sets designed for loosening and tightening nuts and bolts in construction and maintenance or repair services. Feature a square jaw opening for tight grip and drop-forged & heat-treated construction with satin finish to offer abrasion resistance

  • Steel / alloy steel wrenches featuring black oxide / satin / chrome finish for corrosion resistance, and an extra-wide jaw (max 1.5 inches) for providing a tight fit. Available in cushion grip, over-molded rubber, plain grip and steel handle variants

  • Metric / SAE wrench sets featuring 12-point box end wrenches for fine indexing and speed improvement. Can fit into 4-, 6- and 12-point fasteners

  • Feature closed loops at both ends to fit hexagonal or square bolts. Offered in different sizes, overall lengths and finish options

  • Integrated with a U-shaped opening that contacts a fastener from the top or side; suited for tightening jam nuts, check nuts or lock nuts. Feature an ultra thin profile for better access in close quarters and a non-reflective black oxide finish

  • Designed to offer a grip when applying torque to rotate stubborn or worn-out fasteners. Feature a 12-point box end design that ensures fine indexing to improve the speed and facilitates to cinch or break bolts in difficult locations. Available in both SAE and metric measurements

  • Equipped with a rounded head to offer more contact with hexagonal fasteners and an opening in the wrench head to allow obstructions to pass through. Feature 6- / 12-point box end design allowing fine indexing for improved speed and access. Sets available with 3 to 10 number of pieces

  • Widely used Proto hand tools with an anti-slip design for easy application. Available in 6-point and 12-point box ends and satin / chrome / full polish / black oxide finish options

  • Dial torque wrenches designed for torque measurement in industrial machinery & hydraulic equipment calibration and automotive maintenance & repair operations. All steel / aluminium torque transfer components and high alloy tension drive design

  • Wide range of bench-mount torque transducers, brackets for transducers, in-line extension transducers, in-line torque transducers and torque tester floor stands to enhance and extend the capabilities of an electronic torque meter

  • Electronic torque meters suitable for testing and calibrating torque controlled tools and equipment in research & development, machinery tuning and maintenance. Large digital display and compact design for accurate readings & secure storage and transportation, respectively. Available in battery operated and AC / DC adapter power source variants

  • Electronic torque wrenches designed for fastening nuts and bolts at accurate torque pressures for automotive, industrial machinery and hydraulic equipment calibration. Digital display with visual alerts & audible buzzer for delivering accurate torque output. Available in 0.01, 0.1 and 1 N-m graduation variants

  • Intended for use with hex nuts made of soft metals (like brass or aluminium) as they do not strip the sides. Available in SAE / Metric dimensions and different sizes

  • Designed to turn bolts and screws with specialised sockets in the fastener head. Feature a black oxide finish for resistance against corrosion and a molded plastic holder (selected models). Available in ergonomic, fold-up, L-shaped, plain, T-shaped handles for more turning power & a comfortable grip

  • Meet ASME B107.14M specifications to handle a variety of assembly and field jobs using fewer wrenches and minimal manual effort. Feature an audible click indicator to indicate the status of the requisite torque setting. Offer +/-4% CW and +/-6% CCW accuracies

  • Feature interchangeable heads for a variety of assembly operations. Ideal for applications in metalworking and plumbing industries and are available in box end / open end / square drive heads

  • Ratcheting head micrometer torque wrenches designed to deliver preset torque output to a mechanical fastener in military and aerospace applications. Can be calibrated using a mechanical load in a horizontal position, followed by a 3-click test at 20, 60, and 100 % of maximum instrument capacity

  • SAE / Metric wrench sets designed for loosening and tightening bolts, nuts and other fasteners. Feature a compact design to access fasteners from the top, side, and in tight spaces. Available in satin, black oxide and full polish variants

  • Wrenches with two U-shaped open ends for tightening / loosening nuts and bolts. Available in different head angles and SAE / metric dimensions

  • Used to turn threaded pipe and pipe fittings for installation or removal in plumbing assembly lines. Featuring a large knurl and power threads to provide fast and positive jaw adjustment and a standard handle length with wide gripping surface to offer increased comfort

  • Integrated with a box end design on one end of the handle with a gear mechanism for free rotation of the wrench without having to remove the wrench head from the fastener. Suited to fasten or loosen stubborn nuts and bolts. Available in sets including 3 to 22 pieces

  • High-quality Proto professional tools available in different offset angles for smooth application in tight spaces

  • Equipped with a 30-degree head that allows access in difficult-to-reach fastener assemblies, satin finish to provide corrosion resistance and a slip-resistant grip for continuous-duty use. Feature a thin pattern for use on jam nuts, check nuts or lock nuts

  • Designed to provide grip and mechanical advantage while applying torque to turn nuts and bolts. Feature alloy steel construction with a non-reflective black oxide finish for withstanding harsh industrial conditions and job-site abuse

  • High-strength steel wrenches with a large striking surface; ideal for use with hammers and sledges to tighten or loosen damaged / stubborn fasteners. Available in 6 pt. and 12 pt. box ends for fine indexing

  • Equipped with a tapered spike at the handle end for aligning bolt holes when installing automotive components, beams, girders or pipe fittings. Feature a long offset handle for greater leverage and clearance to knuckles and obstructions. Available in overall lengths ranging from 11 to 30 inches

Sockets and Bits

  • Suitable for use in hard-to-reach or restricted access areas where a standard wrench or ratchet cannot reach. Feature a full-polish finish to reduce oxidation reactions on the exposed surfaces and an anti-slip open-end design for low-torque applications

  • Steel-made socket wrenches with an anti-slip design, arched surface and a locking hole. Designed for use in hard-to-reach areas where commonly used 6 pt. and 12 pt. sockets and wrenches do not fit

  • High quality precision hand ratchets commonly used for loosening and fastening nuts and bolts. Long handle head ratchets feature sealed design preventing debris from entering the ratchets. Offered in pear, round and sealed head styles

  • Capable of accommodaring heavy fasteners and hold them tightly during use. Utilise heavy-duty magnets made from a rare earth magnet alloy / nylon blend. Socket size stamped on the tool for easy identification and equipped with a side locking hole

  • Used with power sockets for tightening and loosening fasteners with power wrenches. Capable of delivering more speed and torque than a hand wrench. Feature a forged steel body with the size stamped on the tool for easy identification

  • Combination of a screwdriver bit and a hex socket featuring alloy steel construction with a polished chrome finish. The set includes socket bars and socket clips and extra long bits to provide additional reach

  • Have chrome vanadium / heat-treated alloy steel construction for rugged use in metalworking and automotive industries. SAE and metric variants available in different finish options and drive sizes

  • Different types of flex and wobble socket extensions used to extend the reach of sockets in confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas

  • Includes a wide range of SAE and Metric Proto socket sets, available in both deep and flex socket point styles, for applications in automotive manufacturing, steel fabrication and fleet maintenance

  • Includes socket bars, rails, clips and drivers; hinge handles; spinner ratchets; drive plugs; socket bit holders and universal joints commonly used with sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers and other Proto tools. Offered in different drive sizes and finish options

  • Includes sockets with a TorquePlus internal design, making them ideal for applications with damaged fasteners. Available in different SAE and metric sizes

Screwdrivers and Nutdrivers

  • Insert, Torx and power bit sets comprising bit sockets and socket holders; can be used with an impact or any standard drill. Number of pieces in the sets range from 7 to 38

  • Ideal for use with Hex, Phillips, Slotted, Torx, Tri-Wing and Wing Nut type screws. Feature an extra-long handle for improved access in confined or restricted areas. Come equipped with a ratcheting magnetic bit driver and magnetic T-handle bit driver

  • Integrated with a precision head for securing hex nuts and hollow shafts for accommodating long bolts. Feature accurately formed, heat-treated hex openings with color-coded handles for easy identification during use

  • Equipped with a socket attached to a shaft and a cylindrical handle for tightening and loosening mechanical fasteners. Similar in appearance and utility with a screwdriver. Feature color-coded handles for easy identification

  • Double-end screw starters to install or remove standard and Phillips screws in hard-to-reach areas. Feature a pocket clip and a knurled aluminium handle for maximum user comfort over prolonged hours

  • Includes screwdrivers with round / hex / square shanks made of alloy steel for applications in different maintenance and assembly operations

Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks

Impact Sockets and Bits

Hammers and Striking Tools

Cutting Tools

Punches Chisels and Hand Drills

  • S2 steel center punches used to provide a broad dent while marking or intersecting center lines, hole locations and pilot drill starting points. Feature a modified parabolic striking end for reducing mushrooming and chipping

  • Cold, cape and diamond-point chisels with a sharp cutting blade to ensure effective cuts or carvings on wooden, metal or stone workpieces

  • Brass and steel-made super duty, barrel, non-sparkling and non-marring punches for removing damaged pins, bolts or rivets. Available in different designs, tip sizes and lengths

Proto Industrial Tools, a division of Stanley Black and Decker, is a leading manufacturer of industry-grade torque tools, cutting tools, finishing tools and fastening tools. The Proto Tools catalogue includes a wide range of sockets, wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, hex keys, pliers, snips, clamps, master sets, punches, chisels and tethered tools. Handheld punches and chisels from Proto are designed to remove pins and bushings, as well as cut or split steel objects. These units feature a highly-modified parabolic striking end to prevent mushrooming and chipping. They further come with a polished panel, marked with the tool number and size, for easy identification. The brand's steel / alloy steel crowfoot wrenches have an anti-slip design and are ideal for low-torque applications where standard wrenches or ratchets cannot be used. Choose from a wide range of these quality wrenches and other company products, such as socket bits, hand-held punches and chisels, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Proto hand tools distributor.