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Hand Tools


Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks

Impact Sockets and Bits

Cutting Tools

Hammers and Striking Tools

Punches Chisels and Hand Drills

  • Center Punches

    S2 steel center punches used to provide a broad dent while marking or intersecting center lines, hole locations and pilot drill starting points. Feature a modified parabolic striking end for reducing mushrooming and chipping

  • Chisels

    Cold, cape and diamond-point chisels with a sharp cutting blade to ensure effective cuts or carvings on wooden, metal or stone workpieces

  • Hand Held Punches

    Brass and steel-made super duty, barrel, non-sparkling and non-marring punches for removing damaged pins, bolts or rivets. Available in different designs, tip sizes and lengths


  • Bar Clamp/Spreaders

    Steel locking pipe clamp pliers featuring undulated U-shaped jaws for clamping round sections; ideal for welding pipes in plumbing and general tube manipulation jobs

  • C Clamps

    Steel / drop-forged steel clamps designed for heavy-duty auto body repair and metal fabrication jobs. Feature a C-shaped frame with special slots to securely hold workpieces

Hand Tool Kits

  • Master Sets

    Different aircraft maintenance, avionics, machinist, mechanic and general-purpose master sets offering popular tools within each application area in a larger set variant. Widely used by electricians, plumbers, contractors, mechanics and machinists

Drywall and Plastering Tools

Specialty Safety Tools

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Proto Industrial Tools, a division of Stanley Black and Decker, is a leading manufacturer of industry-grade torque tools, cutting tools, finishing tools and fastening tools. These Stanley Proto tools are widely used in military and Government institutions, as well as in manufacturing, oil & gas, and aerospace industries. The Proto Tools catalogue includes a wide range of sockets, wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, hex keys, pliers, snips, clamps, master sets and tethered tools. The brand's steel / alloy steel crowfoot wrenches have an anti-slip design and are ideal for low-torque applications where standard wrenches or ratchets cannot be used. Choose from a wide range of these quality wrenches and other company products, such as socket bits, hand-held punches and chisels, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Proto tools supplier.